Paul Wennberg


"We want a decent society. We better hold on to that dream—because if we don’t, we’ll sink closer and closer to this reality that we have, and that we don’t want." ~ Howard Zinn

Paul Wennberg

Paul is in his final year on Mayflower Hill. He is studying Global Studies and he excited to get out into the real world and challenge the status quo. He is the Aquamules’ leading breaststroker and owns program top-5 records in the 50 and 100 breast.

Colby College Swimming and Diving


Paul was a top-8 finisher at NESCAC Championships in the 50 breast. He posed an impressive 26.93 and was a member of scoring relays.


In his sophomore year, Paul became the team’s top breaststroker. Throughout the season, he was one of the squads top scorers and an important member of relays. He again made finals at NESCAC Championships and climbed the podium in the top-4 in 50 breast and dropped his career best to 26.63.


Paul spent the first half of the season abroad but returned to the team in time for winter training in Puerto Rico. He closed his season with finals appearances in 50 and 100 breast and was one of the Mules’ leading scorers.


In his final season with the Aquamules, Paul was a key member of a team that posted the best dual meet record in years. He was a top scorer and built to his final big meet. At NESCAC Championships, he posted a number of career bests and had an incredible  race in the finals of the 200 breaststroke.


Paul is a man of many but simple pleasures. He loves whales and refuses to narrow that to a particular type. He loves ice cream but will not name a particular flavor. Finally, he loves music and while he may be vague in that regard, he has amazing taste. This is a fact reflected in amazing vinyl collection that spans LP’s from the Beach Boys to the quintessential Jazz great, Clifford Brown.

Best Times

Course Event Time Date Meet
scy 50 Breast 26.53 02/22/13 NESCAC Championships
Wesleyan University
scy 100 Breast 58.40 02/23/13 NESCAC Championships
Wesleyan University
scy 200 Breast 2:09.46 02/22/15 NESCAC Championships
Middlebury College