Aussies win the first day of competition at the BHP Billiton Aquatic Super Series

by SwimSwam Staff 10

January 18th, 2013 Australia, International, News

After the first day of the BHP Billiton Aquatic Super Series the Aussies took the lead in the competition’s top team. Australians James Magnussen, Cate Campbell, Bronte Barratt, Daniel Arnamnart, Sara Katsoulis, Chris Spenger, David Mckeon, Megan Nay and Matt Targett all collected wins to propel the Aussie to the top of the medal standings.

The teams three teams from Australia, China and South Africa are competing in 39 races over two days with the top team collecting $100,000 in prize money.

Medal standings after the first day:

Australia – 11 gold, 10 silver and 7 bronze

China – 8 gold, 8 silver and 7 bronze

South Africa – 1 silver and 5 bronze

Mixed 8 x 50 medley relay

In the first event of the evening the Australian team made up of Emily Seebohm, Ashley Delaney, Leiston Pickett and Brenton Rickard won the in a time of 3:28.85 with China finishing second in 3:30.45 and South Africa finishing third posting a time of 3:35.69.

Women’s 50 backstroke

Teammates Yuanhui Fu and Zhao Jing of China battled for top spot with Fu coming away with the win in a time of 27.86 followed closely by Jing (27.93) and Australian Emily Seebohm (28.37).

Men’s 50 backstroke

Australian Olympian Daniel Arnamnart took the event in a time of 25.06 followed by Cheng Feiyi of China (25.58) with South African Charl Crous finishing third (25.66).

Women’s 100 freestyle

Olympic Gold medal relay teammates Cate Campbell and Melanie Schlanger of Australia finished in the top two spots with Campbell winning the event in a time of 53.51, Schlanger (54.91) followed by Tang Yi of China (55.22).

Men’s 100 freestyle

2011 World Champion and Olympic silver medallist James Magnussen of Australia took the event easily winning in a time of 48.38 his Australian teammate James Robert (49.62) finished second followed by Lu Zhiwu (50.16) of China.

Women’s 100 breaststroke 

World Championships bronze medallist Kara Katsoulis touch a full second ahead of her Australian team Leiston Pickett to take the event in a time of 1:07.33. Pickett (1:08.37) finished second followed by Zha Jin (1:10.32) of China.

Men’s 100 breaststroke

Australian Chris Spenger dominated the event winning by a full two seconds posting a time of 59.75. Fellow Australian Brenton Rickard (1:10.83) was second followed by Li Xiayan (1:02.68) of China.

Women’s 200 butterfly

After being shut out of the top two spots on the podium the Chinese swimmers gained some momentum with Jiao Liuyang out swimming her team Liu Zige by two seconds on the final 50 meters (32.52) to win the event in a time of 2:08.54 with Zige right behind finishing in a time of 2:08.77. Australian Samantha Hamill finished third in a time of 2:10.73.

Men’s 200 butterfly

The Chinese men took over where the women left off with Chen Yin winning the event in a time of 1:57.84 followed by teammate Weija Liu who finished in a time of 1:59.17. Australian Chris Wright finished third in a time of 1:59.21.

Women’s 400 freestyle

Double Olympic medallist Bronte Barratt dominated her competition in the 400 freestyle winning the event by almost three seconds. Barratt won in a time of 4:07.75 followed by Xuan Xu Li (4:10.51) and Yiwen Shao (4:12.21).

Men’s 400 freestyle

Australian David Mckeon took the event in a time of 3:49.43 followed by his teammate Ryan Napeoleon (3:50.23) and Yun Hao of China (3:50.37).

Women’s 200 IM

In an event that saw the Olympic gold and silver medallist battle for the top position Ye Shiwen of China showed that she still has Australian Alicia Coutts’ number. Shiwen took the event in a time of 2:09.67 with Coutts finishing second in a time of 2:11.92 with Australian Emily Seebohm (2:13.60) finishing third.

Men’s 200 IM

The men’s 200 IM saw an incredible race between China’s Wang Shun and Australian Jayden Hadler. At the 100 meter mark Hadler was five one-hundreths of a second ahead of Shun who entered the final 50 meters four tenths of a second ahead of Hadler. Shun extended his lead in the final 50 to win the event in a time of 2:00.08 Hadler was second in a time of 2:00.83 followed by his Australian teammate Daniel Tranter (2:03.69).

Women’s 200 backstroke

Australian Megan Nay took the event in a time of 2:08.39 followed by teammate Belinda Hocking (2:10.75) and Bai Anqi of China (2:13.14).

Men’s 200 backstroke

China’s Xu Jiayu won the event in a time of 2:00.07 followed by teammate Chen Feiyi (2:00.25) and Australian Mitch Larkin (2:01.04).

Women’s 50 butterfly

Olympic silver medalist Lu Ying took the event in a time of 26.20 followed closely by Australian Alicia Coutts (26.65) who earned her second silver medal of the evening and South African Trudi Maree (27.06).

Men’s 50 butterfly

Australian Matt Targett won the event in a time of 23.57 followed by South African Garth Tune (24.09) and Australian Chris Wright (24.26).

Women’s 4 x 200 freestyle relay

The Australian team comprised of Bronte Barratt, Melanie Schlanger, Kylie Palmer and Brittany Elmslie took the event in a time of 7:57.50 followed by China (7:59.03) with South Africa in a distant third (8:23.63).

Men’s 4 x 200 freestyle relay

The Australian team made up of Thomas Fraser-Holmes, Kenrick Monk, David Mckeon and Ryan Napoleon posted a time of 7:16.41 finishing well ahead of the Chinese (7:23.99) and the South Africans (7:33.10).




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Philip Johnson
8 years ago

great early swim by Magnussen with that 48.3 and a good way to start the year. He’s well on his way.

Reply to  Philip Johnson
8 years ago

And Sprenger’s 100 breast too. How many sub-minutes have ever been swum in January?

Reply to  Philip Johnson
8 years ago

I found more impressive Campbell 53.51 and Shiwen 2.09.67.Strong times for opening year… and Sprenger opening in 59.75…we will see a crazy year…

Reply to  DDias
8 years ago

I agree.

Campbell’s 53.51 is spectacular for this time of the year.

CMIIW, that is her textile PB.

Reply to  DDias
8 years ago

Seems like Campbell’s biggest problem in recent years has been staying healthy. I’d almost rather see her slower here if it meant she made it to Australian winter in good condition.

8 years ago

Is it LCM?

Reply to  liquidassets
8 years ago

I was also asking myself the same question when I saw Campbell’s 53.51 and Sprenger’s 59.7

8 years ago

Adrian just went a 48.32. ‘Murica

8 years ago

Last comment directed towards Philip johnson

Philip Johnson
Reply to  Swimma
8 years ago

yeah, i noticed that by Adrian, very nice. wish there was some way these two could swim against eachother more often.