Arena to Debut Two New Colors in the POWERSKIN Carbon Pro Mark 2

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Arena North America is giving a “sneak peek” at two new colors of the new generation POWERSKIN Carbon-Pro Mark 2, which will be available to consumers this summer. The Orange and Cyan colors are part of Arena’s Colors of Victory campaign.

The POWERSKIN Carbon-Pro Mark 2 is Arena’s second-generation racing suit to utilize the new technology of Carbon. Utilizing a revolutionary carbon fiber cage integrated into the woven high-stretch elastomer POWERSKIN fabric, the Carbon Pro Mark 2 provides intelligent compression that offers maximum muscle support when and where it’s needed.   The Carbon Cage technology provides a custom molded fit to a swimmer’s body, while strategically placed Power Return bonded seams store potential energy and release this power on every dive, kick and turn.

Changes were implemented in the new Mark 2 to strengthen the drawstring on the jammer, and relieve the pressure on the shoulders in the women’s models.

This suit was FINA-approved last summer, and is part of the evolution of Arena suit technology.

The POWERSKIN Carbon Pro Mark 2 (Charcoal) began hitting pools last weekend. Arena will debut the suit in Orange and Cyan this summer.

Arena POWERSKIN Carbon Pro Mark colors: 

Arena POWERSKIN Mark 2

Arena POWERSKIN Carbon Pro Mark 2 (Orange)

Arena POWERSKIN Mark 2

Arena POWERSKIN Carbon Pro Mark 2 (Cyan)

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3 years 5 months ago

Does anyone know when they will be available for purchase? I was going to order the Carbon Pro, but then they got recalled and I hadn’t had one before that I can trade in. I’d really like that suit for the U.S. Open, but I’m just not sure when they’re available.

Limited Edition
3 years 5 months ago

A couple of months ago I paid EXTRA for a White Hot Carbon Pro and now I can’t wear it because it is no longer FINA approved. What is Arena going to replace the White Hot suit with that is of equal value?

Nicolai Flemming
3 years 5 months ago

I also bought the white one and paid extra they should do something about that cause its not our fault.

3 years 5 months ago

Hi Guys- Here’s our answer.

Swimmers in possession of a “White Hot” Carbon Pro who participate in the replacement program have two options.

1) They may return their White Hot suit to receive a new generation POWERSKIN Carbon Pro Mark 2 AND a pair of Cobra or Aquaforce goggles by visiting;


2) They may wait for this fall’s limited edition suit, and have their White Hot suit replaced with the new limited edition.

I’m posting this information on our facebook page as well- so check us out there:

Very Disappointed Swimmer
3 years 2 months ago

Just spoke with Arena, they apparently are not going to honor the replacement of the Limited Edition “White Hot” suit exchange for the new limited edition.

We were specifically told in May that this would be done if we waited until the new suit came out, so we went out and spent $400 on a new Speedo suit to get our daughter through the season. Now we are told that they will only replace the suit with a grey suit.

If we hadn’t been misled by Arena three months ago, we would have exchanged the suit then and avoided buying the Speedo. We are out $400 plus the $50 difference in price. We are also now stuck with a grey suit, as that is all that is left…

Nice way to run a business, Arena…

Sir Carl
3 years 4 months ago

Why is this news?

pretty boy
3 years 3 months ago

will they be making a red carbon mark 2 suit?


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