Aqua Adds Ilya Borodin, Daria S Ustinova Returns to Breakers

The New York Breakers and Aqua Centurions have each added several swimmers to their rosters for the 2021 ISL Season. 

Although the rosters were initially announced after the end of the free agency period, the updated team rosters on the ISL website feature several swimmers who previously went unannounced. 

The Aqua Centurions added an additional 7 swimmers to their roster, including Russian standout Ilya Borodin.

Borodin, the 2021 European Champion in both the 200 and 400 IM, should be a force in the ISL format where he can add the 100 IM to his schedule. Although he missed the 2020 Olympic Games due to a positive COVID-19 test, Borodin is coming off a fantastic season that saw him break the WJR in the 400 IM.

Aqua Roster Additions 

Full Roster

Swimmer Home Country Stroke(s)
Alessandro Miressi Italy Freestyle
Arianna Castiglioni Italy Breaststroke
Arno Kamminga Netherlands Breaststroke
Chase Kalisz USA IM
Elena de liddo Italy Freestyle
Fabio Santi Brazil Backstroke
Fabio Scozzoli Italy Breaststroke
Fantine Lesaffre France IM
Federica Pellegrini Italy Freestyle
Holly Barratt Australia
Holly Hibbott Great Britain Freestyle
Ilya Borodin Russia IM
Kathleen Dawson Great Britain Backstroke
Leonardo De Dues Brazil Butterfly
Marcelo Chierghini Brazil Freestyle
Maria Kameneva Russia
Martina Carraro Italy Breaststroke
Matteo Ciampi Italy Freestyle
Matteo Rivolta Italy Butterfly
Nicolo Martinegnhi Italy Breaststroke
Radoslaw Kawecki Poland Backstroke
Rika Omoto Japan IM
Silvia di pietro Italy
Simone Sabbioni Italy Backstroke
Szebasztian Szabo Serbia/Hungary Butterfly
Thomas Ceccon Italy Freestyle
Vladislav Grinev Russia Freestyle
Lidon Munoz del Campo Spain Freestyle/IM
Alessia Polieri Italy Butterfly
Ilia Borodin Russia IM/Freestyle
Laura Taylor Australia Butterfly
Martina Caramingoli Italy Freestyle
Rozaliya Nasretdinova Russia

The Breakers added 5 swimmers to their roster, including returning athlete Daria S Ustinova

Note: Daria S Ustinova  is a different athlete than Daria Ustinova, who is also on the NY Breaker’s roster. 

Ustinova is the former world Junior record holder in the 200 backstroke, and will be one of the top backstrokers on the Breaker’s roster. A 2018 European Champion, Ustinova also recently represented Russia at the 2020 Olympic Games, where she also contested the 200 back.

During the last ISL season, Ustinova also subbed-in as a freestyle swimmer on the team’s relays, making her an essential piece to the Breaker’s title hopes. 

Meiron Cheruti is another returning ISL swimmer, who represented the DC Trident at several meets last season. Although he did not race at every meet, Cheruti contributed to the Trident’s point total by racing the 50 freestyle and 400 freestyle relay in several occasions. 

New York Roster Additions 

Full Roster 

Swimmer Home Country Stroke(s)
Abbie Wood Great Britain IM/Breaststroke
Ajna Kesely Hungary Freestyle
Alicia Tchorz Poland Backstroke
Arina Surkova Russia
Brandonn Almeida Brazil IM/Freestyle
Brendon Smith Australia IM
Cornelia Fiedkiewicz Poland Freestyle
Daria Ustinova Russia Backstroke
Daryna Zevina Ukraine Backstroke
David Popovici Romania Freestyle
Elliot Clogg Great Britain
Felix Auboeck Austria Freestyle
Jacob Majerski Poland Butterfly
Jacob Whittle Great Britain Freestyle
Jakub Kraska Poland Freestyle
James Wilby Great Britain Breaststroke
Joe Litchfield Great Britain
Lewis Clareburt New Zealand IM
Lucy Hope Great Britain Freestyle
Marco Koch Germany Breaststroke
Marrit Steenbergen Netherlands Freestyle
Matthew Temple Australia Butterfly
Mewen Tomac France Backstroke
Molly Renshaw Great Britain Breaststroke
Paulina Peda Poland Backstroke
Philip Heintz Germany IM
Sarah Vasey Great Britain
Stan Pijnenburg Netherlands Freestyle
Svetlana Chimrova Russia Butterfly
Daria S Ustinova Russia Freestyle
Meiron Cheruti Israel
Ana Catarina Martins Cunha Monteiro Portugal Butterfly
Karoline Sorenson Denmark Backstroke
Maxime Grousset France Freestyle
Tes Schouten Netherlands Breaststroke

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1 year ago

Wow Peaty is going on strictly, explains why he can’t be in the ISL

Mason A
1 year ago

Damn, the Breakers, a US based team, has zero Americans on the roster. Seems a tad bit strange.

Reply to  Mason A
1 year ago

Well it’s run by the Andrews. So there is that

Reply to  Taa
1 year ago

While the Andrew family are still partial owners in the club, they are no longer involved in the competitive operations of the club. Martin Truijens, who was just head coach last season, is now head coach and general manager.

It’s my understanding that Truijens had full control over selecting the roster this season.

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