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December 01st, 2021 Gear, Industry, News

Courtesy of Anti Wave International Pty Ltd, a SwimSwam partner.

Since 1972 – when the first Anti Wave competition Water Polo equipment was selected for the Munich Olympic Games in Germany – Anti Wave competition swim, polo and pool deck equipment has become synonymous with world-class, top performance aquatic facilities around the world.

Anti Wave innovative designs and products have continued to set the world standard for practicality, quality and highest value and availability, and have been exported to over 150 countries since 1972.

Today, Anti Wave continues to supply its innovative & world leading polo equipment globally. Anti Wave are the preferred supplier of Polo Goals to most clubs and pools around the world, and this year Anti Wave USA have continued their longstanding commitment to Water Polo in the USA by renewing their longtime partnership as the Official Suppliers of Polo Goals and Polo Fields to USA Water Polo for the period 2021-2024.

Anti Wave New ‘Global Anti Goals’ (Elite Polo Camp, Italy @elitewpcamp)


The result of over 50 years of global experience in Goal Innovation, Design and Production.

The 2021 release of the “Global Anti Goal” represents the culmination of 50 years of experience in goal innovation, design and production, drawing on a long and rich Anti Wave tradition.

The Global Anti Goal blends cutting-edge materials and production with innovative design, resulting in a light-weight, heavy-duty, full-sized polo goal that meets the needs of all clubs and facilities around the world.

The goal is designed and produced in Australia. Innovative lightweight, high strength foldable design with small footprint when folded for economic poolside storage options.

Each component and fitting has been carefully selected and tested for maximum durability and longevity, even under the most severe player and environmental conditions.

Shipped to top clubs in more than 15 countries around the world since Goal Release Mid 2021.

Three models available:

  • AWE392 1.2m Global Anti Goal 3m x 0.9m (suitable for most clubs)
  • AWE394 1.4m Global Anti Goal 3m x 0.9m Goal (FINA Comp Model)
  • AWE390 JNR/BEACH Polo 2.5m x 0.8m (FINA compliant)

ONLINE DIRECT WEB ORDERING NOW AVAILABLE VIA WWW.ANTI-WAVE.COM, or by email to [email protected]. USD285 per Goal Discounted Air Courier Freight, direct to most OECD Clubs and Pools.


The new Patented Anti Wave BackStroke Start Ledges range provide a durable and easy to use Adjustable Ledge for swimmers to undertake performance backstroke starts in both training and competition.

Two BackStroke Start Ledge models are now available; the Track Start Ledge Velcro Model (shown above) and the BackStroke Handle Model (shown below).

The Track Start Ledge Velcro Model (above) attaches to the rear of the TrackStart Wedge via 3M™ Velcro Attachments, and the height of the ledge in the water is easily adjusted by movement of the position of the TrackStart ledge on the blocks. Requires moveable TrackStart System on blocks.

The BackStroke Handle Model (below) is fixed onto the front of the BackStroke Handles, and the height of the Ledge in the water is adjusted by a durable and easy to use Marine Stayput system with three possible height positions as per current FINA regulations. Suitable for all blocks with BackStroke Handles.

Suitable for training and competition:

Both models are produced in Australia, and feature heavy duty nylon straps load rated to 13kN,  custom Anti-slip traction surfaces, and are FINA/LEN compliant for use in top competition (as used at FINA 2019 WCH Singapore).

Designed in close collaboration with the Australian Backstroke Swim team and top level  Australian coaches, the ledges are simple to install and adjust by the swimmer or coach while in the pool or on the pool deck.

Both models of the Ledges lock securely into place once set, and are quickly removed from the  Block when used in competition or training.

Discounted Direct Air Courier options for delivery direct to pools and clubs around the world. Online  Direct Web ordering now available, visit, or email us at [email protected].


Online Direct Web ordering now available, visit, or email us at [email protected].


Anti Wave is pleased to announce the release of the New Global Inflatable Goal Range.

The Global Inflatable Goal Range blends high quality, durable materials and components with a  compact and easy to transport and lightweight design, including a touch carry bag and high volume pump.

A durable and affordable inflatable option for polo clubs and pools for both training and competition.


  • Inflatable SENIOR Polo Goal (3.00m L x 0.9m W x 1.2m D) FINA SNR Goal
  • Inflatable BEACH Polo Goal (2.50m L x 0.8m W x 1.1m D) FINA BEACH/ JNR Goal
  • Inflatable JUNIOR Polo Goal (2.15m L x 0.75m W x 1.0m D) Official U10 Size

A range of models catering for Adult players as well as the very popular International FINA BEACH POLO & also JNR HABAWABA Youth Polo competition and training polo formats.

The goals include a Tough & Oversized PVC Carry Bag and High Volume Foot Pump. The Bag has enough space for a few extra balls and caps to be carried and is designed in an ultra-durable heavy duty PVC Nylon material.

To order contact your local Authorised Anti Wave Resellers, or email us at [email protected].

Anti Wave – Performance Aquatic Sports Equipment:

Anti Wave International has been the world leader in the design and manufacture of aquatic technologies since 1972, when Anti Wave first supplied competition swimming and polo equipment to the Munich Olympic Games venue.

Since then, Anti Wave designs and equipment have been used extensively in Olympic and other major international swimming competitions, as well as top clubs and schools, and continue to set the benchmark for quality and innovation around the world.

Anti Wave products are designed and tested in Australia, and have been exported to over 150  countries under the widely recognised brand name Anti Wave.

Anti Wave aquatic equipment range caters to both local and international pools. Anti Wave products are the result of over 50 years of industry leading innovation & development, installation and use around the world.

Online Shop w/ Direct Ordering: 
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To find out how Anti Wave equipment can transform your facility or club, visit

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