Anthony Ervin uses the Dryland Cord to Prepare & Train

Stretching is an often overlooked and very important piece of training for optimum performance. Following a routine increases flexibility and range of motion which increases performance ability and limits the chances of injury. Swimmers that stretch both pre and post workout are healthier for longer and are able to gain the extra inch on race day. The Dryland Cord is a great tool to extend a swimmer’s range of motion through stretching for the arms, shoulders, upper back, chest, and obliques. It provides gentle resistance, allowing the swimmer to obtain the maximum benefit from his or her stretch without overextending. Keep in mind, it is very important to stretch when the muscles are warm to reduce pain and to avoid potential injury!

During Training:
5 mins of light resistance or arm-swings to increase blood flow
10-15 min. of stretching before getting in the pool
10-15 min of stretching after workout
During Competition:
Long stretch after warming-up
Use to remain loose up until the race
Long recovery stretch post warmdown
*Staying loose over the course of the meet will help aid in recovery time.

Anthony Ervin is an Olympic gold medalist and FINIS athlete. You can follow him on Twitter here.

Courtesy of FINIS, a swimswam partner.

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7 years ago

Very good tips here ! I personnally use a lot of Yoga stretching exercices before and after pool training . It’s been set to be gentle , yet get you into every muscle possible or articulations .Even the back bones ,the spine ,the neck , the nerves and the head can be gently stretched ; just incredible . So many variations exist in the potential positions the body can stretch from . I truly feel the difference after . The dryland cord looks a perfect add as well ..

7 years ago

This is contrary to the scientific articles posted here about the contraindications of stretching

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