Andrew King Victim Receives $1.3M Settlement from Park District

The North Whidbey Park and Recreation District has settled a third lawsuit filed by victims of former swim coach Andrew King, the Seattle Times reports.

The latest plaintiff, who was unnamed, received a $1.3 million out-of-court settlement for the woman, who was allegedly a victim of King’s when she swam for him as part of the Aquajets in suburban Seattle between 1994 and 1997.

This brings the total paid out by the district to victims to $4.9 million, after a $1.5 million settlement in June of 2012 and a $2.1 million settlement in October of 2012 with two other victims.

The one remaining known victim of the four from while King was coaching at the team in Oak Harbor, all alleged to have been abused between 11 and 14, filed her suit two weeks ago on July 1st.

King is currently serving a 40-year prison sentence in California, with conviction on abusing over a dozen girls over more than 30 years. At 65-years old, its unlikely that he will ever get out of prison, but he has been added to USA Swimming’s list of individuals permanently suspended or ineligible.

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Steve Nolan
7 years ago

Wonder if this is the kind of thing USA Swimming is trying to avoid here!?

The more and more I think about that the angrier I get.

7 years ago

What are we doing to prevent this from happening again?
The word is, that this incident is just the tip of the iceberg.

Do we really wanna send our kids only to be preyed by those wild animals?
The innocents of our kids should no be sacrificed for the strength of our olympic team.

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