30 Coaches Share $330,000 in Coaches Incentive Program

The final lists are in, and in 2012 a total of 30 coaches were awarded as a part of USA Swimming’s Coach’s Incentive program. Each year, both the coaches of record and the developmental coaches of medal-winning athletes at the designated Operation Gold Meet. With $330,000 in the award pool, the math worked out easily this year and coaches received an average of an even $11,000

This year, that meet was the Olympics, with three coaches eligible for each athlete who won an individual medal (in an Olympic event, but in the Olympics, all events are Olympic events): the athlete’s current coach, the athlete’s University coach, and the athlete’s Developmental Coach.

The current coach must meet the standard of having coached the athlete for at least 90 days in the 24-months in the leadup to the medal-winning performance. University coaches must have coached the athlete for at least two years at the time of the medal-winning performance to get credit. Finally, the developmental coach (es) must have coached the athlete for at least 24 months from ages 11-18.

Up to 4 coaches can receive awards for each medal-winning swim; if more than 4 coaches meet the criteria set up above, the developmental or university coaches who worked with the athlete for the shortest amount of time are cut from the list.

The program is designed not only to reward an athlete’s current coach, but those as young as the age group level who had a major impact on an athlete’s career.

Below is the list of all coaches awarded. We’ve done our best to assemble which athletes, specifically, each coach was eligible to receive an award for, but we apologize if we miss one. Let us know in the comments and we’ll add it.

Coach Club Athlete(s)
Chuck Batchelor Bluefish Swim Club Elizabeth Beisel
Jack Bauerle University of Georgia Allison Schmitt
Mike Bottom University of Michigan Tyler Clary
Bob Bowman North Baltimore Aquatic Club Michael Phelps, Allison Schmitt
Carl Cederquist Crimson Aquatics Elizabeth Beisel
Jeff Cooper Oakland Live Y’Ers Peter Vanderkaay
Rick DeMont Tucson Ford Dealers Matt Grevers
Dave Durden University of California Nathan Adrian
Ron Forrest Fort Worth Area Swim Team Dana Vollmer
Bob Groseth Northwestern University Matt Grevers
Charlie Kennedy Suburban Seahawks Brendan Hansen
Michael Lawrence Lake Forest Swim Club Matt Grevers
Steve Lochte Daytona Beach Ryan Lochte
David Marsh SwimMAC Cullen Jones, Nick Thoman
Lea Maurer Stanford University Matt Grevers
Teri McKeever University of California Caitlin Leverenz, Dana Vollmer
Josh Morgan Plymouth-Canton Cruisers Allison Schmitt
Ed Nessel Unattached Cullen Jones
Dan Ohm Aulea Swim Club Allison Schmitt
Jeff Pearson Sierra Marlins Swim Team Haley Anderson
Eddie Reese University of Texas Brendan Hansen
Franz Resseguie Tualatin Hills Swim Club Caitlin Leverenz
Dave Salo University of Southern California Haley Anderson, Rebecca Soni
Todd Schmitz Colorado Stars Missy Franklin
Tom Speedling Scarlet Aquatics Rebecca Soni
Benson Spurling Cincinnati Aquatic Club Nick Thoman
Yuri Suguiyama Nations Capital Katie Ledecky
Brooks Teal Unattached Cullen Jones
Gregg Troy University of Florida Ryan Lochte, Elizabeth Beisel
Jon Urbanchek FAST Peter Vanderkaay, Tyler Clary

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doesn’t matter too much, but shouldn’t Teri be credited with Dana Vollmer and David Salo with Rebecca Soni…I’m sure there were many more, though those were the most obvious. Also the distance/open water coach from USC was credited (I’m forgetting her name) for Haley’s performance at all.


Catherine Vogt.

Chuck Batchelor is also missing.


How do I make sure I get that money next year? I coach our son and he can swim 19.2 (on 25 free). That is faster than what Feigen did at the MN Grand Prix (19.8) and he is only 10. I should be considered.

Chest Rockwell

This is an awesome account.


What about including how much $$ each coach made?


What about me? I got him out of bed, fed him, got him to practice; bought him new bathing suits, washed his clothes, reminded him to brush his teeth, etc.


Psychomom, I appreciate all you do for me, you know that. Wait, you meant our son?
I coach him, but remember old Cosby routine: when he makes Olympic team at Trials in 2018 he will say on National TV – Hi Mom, and break my heart.

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