2022 USA Swimming Futures Championships Set for Late July

The 2022 USA Swimming Futures Championships are set to take place in four separate locations, held simultaneously from July 27-30.

Futures time standards are slower than those of Junior Nationals, allowing for more younger swimmers to compete and get a taste of competition on a larger level than they might at a Sectionals or Zones meet. However, Futures is still divided between four meets, one taking place in a different part of the country, roughly: northeast, southeast, midwest, and west. Geographically, the midwest takes up the most amount of territory, spanning from Arizona to Wisconsin, and Alabama to Montana. The southeast, meanwhile, stretches from Florida all the way up to Michigan, and encompasses North Carolina. The northeast gets New England, Virginia, West Virginia, and Ohio, while the west is, roughly, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Hawaii, and Alaska.

The futures map has undergone a couple of revisions since the meet’s inception, so it could still be subject to future updates.

It is important to note that a swimmer’s LSC is what dictates where they will swim their particular Futures Championship, not so much the state they live in. For Futures, LSCs are assigned to a particular region and the divisions do not always fall neatly on state lines, though some LSCs are partitioned off as entire states.


2021 USA Swimming Futures Championships Schedule:

  • Santa Clarita, California – July 28-31
  • Huntsville, Alabama – July 28-31
  • West Fargo, North Dakota – July 28-31
  • Richmond, Virginia – July 29-August 1

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