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February 14th, 2022 Swim Camps

Courtesy of The Race Club

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Our mission is to promote swimming through sport, lifelong enjoyment, and good health benefits. Our objective is for each member of The Race Club to improve his or her swimming performances, health, and self-esteem through our educational programs, services, and creativity.

Led by three time Olympian and Head Coach, Dr. Gary Hall, The Race Club features the primary resources available for swimmers: Swim Camps, Swim Video Subscriptions, and individual Swim Coaching. For our camps and private instruction, we offer our swimmers the most advanced technology available to analyze and improve their stroke techniques. The Swim Camps are 8-session clinics held in California. The Race Club Membership is a subscription service providing access to weekly videos focusing mostly on good technique and more. Individual swim coaching is available in San Diego or online, wherever you may live in the world.

We strive to help each member of The Race Club overcome challenges and reach his or her individual life goals from beginner swimmers to Olympic athletes. The Race Club provides facilities, swim coaching, training, technical instruction, video, fitness, and health programs for swimmers of all ages and abilities. Race Club swim camps are designed and tailored to satisfy each swimmer’s needs, whether one is trying to reach the Olympic Games or simply improve his or her fitness level. Our programs are suitable for beginning swimmers, pleasure swimmers, fitness swimmers, USAS swimmers, YMCA swimmers, collegiate swimmers, or triathletes. All of our Race Club members share an enjoyment of being in the water, and use swimming to stimulate a more active mind and body.

The Race Club Swim Camps are unlike any other swim camps or clinics. To provide the best coaching experience, we keep our coach to swimmer ratio low at 1:15 or less, allowing each swimmer the time and attention he or she needs. If you are unable to attend the entire camp, you can sign up for the sessions you’d like or need during a camp. We recommend that swimmers attend all camp sessions to gain a comprehensive knowledge of our methodologies to improve their swimming techniques.

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