2020 Japan Swim (Olympic Trials) To Include Pre-Entry Temperature Checks

The 2020 Japan Swim is the sole Olympic-qualifying competition remaining on the worldwide schedule for the month of April, with the event proceeding with an altered schedule, as well as without spectators.

The competition is slated to be held at Tokyo Aquatics Centre from April 2nd to April 7th, with the event lineup having eliminated the semi-final round from all events, as we reported on March 16th.

The Japanese Swimming Federation met today, March 20th, to review further precautions due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The group determined that all athletes, coaches, officials, etc. will be required to carry a health checklist. Their temperatures will be measured for 2 days prior to entering the Tokyo Aquatics Centre.

Additionally, all attendees will have their temperatures checked upon entry, with anyone having a temperature higher than 37.5 C (99.5 F) being denied. The Federation says that the tournament will be cancelled upon any notice of positive coronavirus cases from anyone having entered the facility.

At time of publishing, Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center lists Japan as having 963 reported cases, resulting in 33 deaths and 191 recoveries. With an approximate national population of 126.8 million, that means .000759% of the population has reported cases.

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Ha ha ha, just another test to pass.


Well, in this case having a score of 100 isn’t a good thing

(Yes, I know Japan uses the metric system)


Well played! One of the all time comments. Thank you. Is this an oral thermometer???


When you’re as hot as Seto right now, this is disastrous.


In all serious I am worried about Seto. He’s having a once in a lifetime magical season and I really hope he can maintain it until the Olympics come, but we’ve seen before it can be hard to stay at that peak level longer than a year or two.


Very good. I want same at olympics.

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