2016 German Championships, day 4, finals live recap


  • Thursday, May 5 – Sunday, May 8, 2016
  • Prelims: 9 am local, Finals: 5 pm local, on Sunday: 4 pm local
  • Schwimm- und Sprunghalle im Europa-Sportpark (SSE)
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Short reminder of German Olympic qualification procedure: The 2016 German National Championships are the first part of a two-step nomination procedure for the Olympic Games. The athletes had to swim defined times at National Championships in prelims and in finals. All swimmers who achieve the times will be part of the so-called “long list” and must inform German Head Coach Henning Lambertz in the period of one week after German Nationals in which meet they want to confirm the required performance of the nomination process: at one of the three meets of the Mare Nostrum tour or the German Open. They can only choose ONE of these four possibilities. For this meet, other times are set which are approximately 1,5 % slower than those at German nationals. All swimmers who reach the times and have also finished first or second at the German National Championships will qualify for Rio.


Prelims/Finals, Sunday May 8

Women’s 100m Butterfly
Nomination times: Prelims 58,77, Final 58,35
German national record: Alexandra Wenk, 57,76, 2016

The podium
1 Alexandra Wenk 57,70
2 Aliena Schmidtke 58,57
3 Franziska Hentke 58,57

And the next German Record set by Alexandra Wenk: 57,70. She is the only swimmer under the finals nomination standard. This her 4th national record in two days. Great race.

Men’s 100m Butterfly
Nomination times: Prelims 52,38, Final 51,94
German National Record: Steffen Deibler, 51,19, 2013

The podium
1 Steffen Deibler 52,16
2 Marius Kusch 52,17
3 Philip Heintz 52,17

Steffen Deibler posted a 52,16 – he missed the qualifying standard but has good chances to make it to Rio in the 4 x 100 m Medley relay.

Women’s 50m Freestyle
Nomination times: Prelims 25,22, Final 24,94
German National Record: Britta Steffen, 23,73, 2009

The podium
1 Dorothea Brandt 24,66
2 Nina Kost 25,36
3 Anna Dietterle 25,44

Dorothea Brandt made it under the Rio cut: she finished in 24,66.

Men’s 200m Freestyle
Nomination times: Prelims 1:48,18, Final 1:47,17
German National Record Paul Biedermann, 1:42,00, 2009

The podium
1 Paul Biedermann 1:45,45
2 Florian Vogel 1:46,44
3 Christoph Fildebrandt 1:47,06
4 Clemens Rapp 1:47,63


This is Paul Biedermann‘s last race at German Championships! This is the best line-up Germany has seen for many years in a 200 m freestyle race!

Biedermann clocked 1:45,45 – this is the second fastest time in this year! Three swimmers are under the German Rio Olympic cut! That is a good position for the 4 x 200 m freestyle relay. Germany now has TWO swimmers in the world’s top 10 in this event: Biedermann ranked 2nd, Vogel 8th.


Men’s 200m Breaststroke
Nomination times: Prelims 2:12,33, Final 2:10,43
German National Record: Marco Koch, 2:07,47, 2014

The podium
1 Marco Koch 2:07,88
2 Fabian Schwingenschloegl 2:11,52
3 Max Pilger 2:12,01

Marco Koch reached in for the national title with a 2:07,88. Only Marco Koch‘s own season-best of 2:07.69 has been faster than Marco Koch‘s winning time in 2016.

Women’s 200m Breaststroke
Nomination times: Prelims 2:26,40, Final 2:24,88
German National Record: Birte Steven, 2:25,33, 2007

The podium
1 Jessica Steiger 2:27,97
2 Michelle Lambert 2:29,19
3 Delaine Goll 2:30,85

Top seed Vanessa Grimberg didn’t show up for the final due to illness.

New German national Champion is Jessica Steiger in 2:27,97.


Women’s 100m Backstroke
Nomination times: Prelims 1:00,91, Final 1:00,25
German National Record: Daniela Samulski, 59,77, 2009

The podium
1 Nadine Laemmler 1:00,69
Johanna Roas 1:00,98
3 Jenny Mensing 1:01,11

Nadine Laemmler reached in for the win in 1:00,69 , no woman made the two required cuts. Nadine Laemler and Johanna Roas are athletic students in the USA.


Men’s 100m Backstroke
Nomination times: Prelims 54,34, Final 53,96
German National Record: Helge Meeuw, 52,27, 2009

The podium
1 Jan-Philip Glania 53,61
2 Christian Diener 54,71
3 Marco di Carli 55,17

Jan-Philip Glania picked up the national title in 56,61  followed by Christian Diener. It is Jan-Philip Glania’s second German Olympic cut.

Men’s 50m Freestyle
Nomination times: Prelims 22,51, Final 22,27
German National Record: Damian Wierling, 21,81, 2016

The podium
1 Damian Wierling, 21,84
2 Björn Hornikel, 22,31
3 Maximilian Oswald 22,53

German Champion 2016 is Damian Wierling, he clocked a 21,84. This is his second national title, he also won the 100 m freestyle. And he is under the Rio cut! Björn Hornikel missed the qualification time by four hundredths of a second.

Women’s 200m Freestyle
Nomination times: Prelims 1:59,35, Final: 1:58,27
German National Record: Annika Lurz, 1:55,68, 2007

The podium
1 Annika Bruhn 1:58,56
2 Sarah Köhler 1:58,58
3 Leonie Kullmann 1:59,17

Annika Bruhn came in first in 1:58,56, followed by Sarah Köhler in 1:58,58 and Leonie Kullmann in 1:59,17. No it is up to Head Coach Henning Lambertz to make a decision about a women’s 4 x 200 m freestyle relay in Rio. There will be no individual starter in this event at the Olympics.





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Thomas based on trials time only things are not looking good for Germany medley relay final chances now. I will add up and compare but..


Better take the 53.61 from Glania, not the 56.61 in the text under the podium 😉


3:34:53 add time. 9th time 0,40 behind France who is 8th.


Think our weak spot is the Butterfly leg. Hopefully Deibler will be healthy in Rio.


There is also some space for improvement in Breaststroke. I think they will make the final.


I’m not worried about the breaststroke leg. Koch will do fine and at least swim a low 59.


What did you add up? We have 48.54 from Wierling, 53.61 from Glania, 51.84 from Heintz and 1.00.22 from Koch or 1.00.26 from Feldwehr. I am actually not too worried, because there is a big chance that all of those legs except mens fly will be (much) faster in Rio. Feldwehr at 2015 nationals: 1.00.65 Feldwehr at 2015 world championships: 59.63 Feldwehr at 2016 nationals: 1.00.26 Feldwehr at 2016 olympic games: ? Glania at 2015 nationals: 54.47 Glania at 2015 world championships: 53.48 Glania at 2016 nationals: 53.61 Glania at 2016 olympic games: ? Wierling at 2014 nationals (his last full season, he was injured for pretty much all of 2015): 49.65 Wierling at 2014 youth olympic games (his taper… Read more »


I used Deibler time based on that they might take only one for Rio, is that correct? And it will probably be Deibler? Even If I use Heintz would add up to 3:34:21, still behind France.. Remember that Russia China Brazil Australia and GRB are under 3:33 add up.. Addind US will be 6 teams.. also JPN and Italy are 3:33 low..
We also have RSA now.. I would bet on 3:32 to final at Rio..


Heintz is qualified in mens 200 IM and had 51.84 in prelims, i think it could be either him or Deibler in Rio. Deibler should be nominated for the medley relay, but whoever will be faster by Rio will swim the fly leg in our medley relay. Last year we had the following times before Kazan: Mens 100 free: 49.24 by Biedermann Mens 100 back: 54.47 by Glania Mens 100 fly: 53.08 by Deibler Mens 100 breast: 1:00.65 by Feldwehr Then we went on to swim 3:32.16. This year we are 2.87s faster at the same time of the year (if you take Feldwehr and Deibler, instead of Koch and Heintz) if you add up the individual times. Like i… Read more »

bobo gigi

Not fast but amazing close men’s 100 fly!

Koch impressive

Biedermann medal contender

Nice German men’s 200 free relay in perspective. Probably a top 5 in Rio.

Great meet for Alexandra Wenk.

Damian Wierling is the revelation. 21.81/48.50


Some notes about mens 200 free: Wierling didnt compete, because the 50 free final was only a couple minutes later, i think he could potentially be part of the relay in Rio. 1:49.35 for 16 yo Johannes Hintze, which would be the 2nd fastest time in all-time US 15/16 yo age group rankings. He also would be 1st in the all-time US 15/16 yo age group rankings for mens 400 IM and had one of the fastest last 50 in mens 400 IM history on Thursday (26.87). Yesterday you complained about our womens freestlye sprint: Today/Yesterday we had: 200 free: 1:59.17 for Kullmann (born in 1999) and 2:01.10 for Gose (born in 2002) 100 free: 56.06 for Gose There might… Read more »

bobo gigi

There’s no race video anywhere.
Here’s a little focus on Damian Wierling.


Wierling untapered about a month ago:



Do you understand a single word of it Bobo?
Sadly only the following races were televised:
Mens 100/200 free final, mens 100/200 breast final, mens 100/200 fly final, womens 50/100 free final, womens 100 breast final, womens 100/200 fly final. I dont think that there is video footage of any other race. You could also watch Wierling at 2014 youth olympic games (especially in the 100/200 free final) if you want to see him swim.

bobo gigi

TLF, I’ve learned German in high school several years ago. So I’ve still a few memories to understand some words. 🙂
Wierling doesn’t look very muscular on the video compared to some other famous sprinters. Very promising talent.

Hatt, thanks for the videos. The coverage of the 100 free is awful. Very bad production. All these changes of cameras’ angles…. The picture of the finish is awful. We don’t see anything. 🙄