2016 Canadian Paralympic Trials: Day 4 Prelims Live Recap


Here on day 4 of the Canadian Paralympic Trials we’ll see the butterfly events contested, with both the 50 and 100 fly events taking place. The 50 will be swum by those in the categories S1-7, while the 100 will be those in the S8-14 categories.

Women’s 50m Butterfly PARA S1-7 Multi-Class Prelims

  1. Tammy Cunnington, 53.10, S4
  2. Sarah Mehain, 38.41, S7
  3. Shelby Newkirk, 42.30, S7
  4. Nydia Langill, 46.93, S7
  5. Myriam Soliman, 53.78, S7
  6. Tara D’Souza, 58.43, S6
  7. Jessica Tinney, 1:04.79, S6
  8. Michelle Tovizi, 1:02.50, S7
  9. Valerie Drapeau, 1:21.26, S5
  10. Emily Sayeau, 1:14.90, S7

Tammy Cunnington continued her strong showing at this meet taking the top seed in the women’s 50 fly. Cunnington’s time of 53.10 is the a new world record in the S4 category. Sarah Mehain (38.41) and Shelby Newkirk (42.30) finished 2nd and 3rd respectively, both competing in the S7 category. Mehain’s time puts her 3rd in the world for 2016, while Newkirk’s time puts her 7th.

Men’s 50m Butterfly PARA S1-7 Multi-Class Prelims

  1. Jean-Michel Lavalliere, 33.84, S7
  2. Nathan Clement, 34.70, S6
  3. Kyle McMahon, 39.14, S7
  4. Danial Murphy, 49.88, S5
  5. Riley McLean, 1:02.59, S4
  6. Nik Tolgyesi, 43.87, S6
  7. Alexander Sharpe, 46.56, S7
  8. Andrew Cooke, 1:01.31, S5

Jean-Michel Lavalliere snagged the top seed in the men’s 50 fly, clocking a time of 33.84. Lavalliere’s time ranks him 3rd in the world for 2016 in the S7 category, while 3rd place finisher Kyle McMahon (39.14) now ranks 10th in the world in the same category. Runner-up Nathan Clement now sits 4th in the world in the S6 category.

Women’s 100m Butterfly PARA S8-14 Multi-Class Prelims

  1. Samantha Ryan, 1:10.78, S10
  2. Katarina Roxon, 1:15.33, S9
  3. Danielle Dorris, 1:22.25, S8
  4. Morgan Bird, 1:24.06, S8
  5. Gabby Baird, 1:28.19, S9
  6. Megan Sherwin, 1:47.09, S8
  7. Maggie Manning, 1:51.24, S9
  8. Robyn Silva, 1:56.87, S9

In the women’s 100 fly Samantha Ryan took the top seed in 1:10.78, ranking her 3rd in the world in the S10 category. Katerina Roxon was 2nd in 1:15.33, taking over 10th in the S9 world rankings, and Danielle Dorris (1:22.25) takes over 4th in the world in the S8 category.

Men’s 100m Butterfly PARA S8-14 Multi-Class Prelims

  1. Alexander Elliot, 57.95, S10
  2. Philippe Vachon, 1:08.45, S9
  3. Zach Zona, 1:12.03, S8
  4. Zack McAllister, 1:12.91, S8
  5. Tyler Mrak, 1:12.46, S13
  6. Aidan Elliot, 1:13.36, S10
  7. Cameron McCuaig, 1:16.90, S9
  8. Nicholas Piamondo, 1:17.06, S9

In the men’s race Alexander Elliot topped the field in 57.95, taking over first place in the world in the S10 category. Philippe Vachon was 2nd in 1:08.45, putting him 11th in the world in the S9 category. Zach Zona rounded out the top three in 3rd in 1:12.03, ranking him 13th worldwide for 2106 in the S8 category.

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