2014 Santa Clara Grand Prix: Caitlin Leverenz and Conor Dwyer Take Home New BMW’s

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Women’s 200 Butterfly – FINALS

Andreina Pinto tore through all 200 meters of her 200 butterfly, dropping over a second and a half to win the women’s 200 butterfly with a time of 2:10.59. Becca Mann out-touched Lauren Harrington and Emma Nunn for second, getting her hand on the wall for second place at 2:12.24. Harrington took the bronze with a 2:12.68 and Nunn was fourth at 2:12.69.

Caitlin Leverenz was 2:12.02 for fifth and Kylie Stewart followed, finishing sixth place with a 2:14.82.

Dana Grindall won the B-final of the B-final of the women’s 200 butterfly with a time of 2:15.83.

Men’s 200 Butterfly – FINALS

Sebastian Rousseau won the men’s 200 butterfly with a killer final 15 meters. He put his head down and dug down deep to overtake Bobby Bollier at the touch. Rousseau cut more than two seconds off of his morning swim, touching the wall at 1:58.50. Bollier finished second just behind Rousseau at 1:58.65. Chase Kalisz and Corey Okubo were the only other two swimmers under 2 minutes. Kalisz finished at 1:59.76 and Okubo was 1:59.94.

Steve Schmuhl won the B-final of the men’s 200 butterfly with his time of 2:01.49.

Women’s 100 Breaststroke – FINALS

It was Laura Sogar in the final of the women’s 100 breaststroke. After a decent morning swim, she really made a statement tonight, dropping over a second and half to win the event with a 1:09.15. Tera Van Beilen was second with a 1:09.59 and Fiona Doyle finished third at 1:09.61. Emma Schoettmer, Jenna Van Camp, Abby Duncan, and Kasey Carlson were all at 1:10’s for 4th through 7th.

Rebecca Terejko won the B-final of the women’s 100 breaststroke with her time of 1:10.95.

Men’s 100 Breaststroke – FINALS

Just like yesterday, Kevin Cordes laid low during prelims only to drop the hammer during finals tonight. He won the men’s 100 breaststroke with a 1:00.91. Mike Alexanderov was the second place finisher, touching the wall at 1:01.65. Felipe Lima took home the bronze at 1:01.78. Richard Funk, Nic Fink, and Azad Al-Barazi finished 4th-6th at 1:02’s.

Miguel De Lara Ojeda won the B-final of the men’s 100 breaststroke with a time of 1:03.56.

Women’s 100 Backstroke – FINALS

Despite battling the sun, Missy Franklin won the women’s 100 backstroke dipping under 1:01 with a time of 1:00.99. Missy always looks good in the water, but she seems to be a bit sluggish; she looks tired in the water. It’s hard to critique her swims because of her incredible technique, but it didn’t have that same energy that we are used to seeing from her in the water. Amy Bilquist, 16, is having the meet of her life. This is the first time she has performed like this on this big of a stage. She has been a strong junior national competitor, but this is the first time she has held her own against a large portion of the national team in a variety of events. She finished second with a time of 1:01.44.

Liz Pelton finished third at 1:01.48, and Dominique Bouchard was fourth with a time of 1:01.78.

Bilquist’s 15 year old teammate, Claire Adams, won the B final of the women’s 100 backstroke with a 1:01.59. That time would have been fourth in the A final.

Men’s 100 Backstroke – FINALS

Arkady Vyatchanin has been 8 for 8 in the backstroke events in the last four Arena Grand Prix events. He won the 200 backstroke yesterday and double up with the 100 backstroke today. He posted a 54.34 to win the race. Matt Grevers finished second at 54.95 and Eugene Godsoe was third at 55.41. Corey Main and Adam Mania were 4th and 5th at 55.54 and 55.95, respectively.

Omar Pinzon won the B-final of the men’s 100 backstroke with a time of 56.32.

Women’s 200 IM – FINALS 

Caitlin Leverez knew she had to win her last race to take home the keys to her brand new BMW for the next year. She dove in on a mission and won the women’s 200 IM with a time of 2:12.61. Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson was second at 2:13.79. Theresa Michalek was third with a 2:14.03 and Karlee Bispo was fourth at 2:14.92.

Simone Manuel won the B-final with a 2:16.49.

Men’s 200 IM – FINALS

Rowdy Gaines talked to Dwyer before the race and informed him that if he won the race, he would win the Grand Prix series. Dwyer suddenly felt the pressure as he wasn’t aware of the points race before hand. He handled the pressure well, fighting through the final 50 against Chase Kalisz and Michael Phelps to win the 200 IM. Dwyer got his hand on the wall to win the race at 1:59.49.

Conor Dwyer, Michael Phelps, and Chase Kalisz all came off the wall dead even at the 150 meter mark. Chase Kalisz is a monster in the back half of the IM, but he wasnt enough for Dwyer today. Kalisz finished second at 1:59.53 and Phelps was third at 1:59.76. Max Williamson finished fourth at 2:01.71 and Gunnar Bentz was fifth at 2:02.17.

Jay Litherland won the B-final of the men’s 200 IM with a time of 2:03.83.

Women’s 800 Freestyle – FINALS

Cierra Runge dropped 9 seconds to win the women’s 800 freestyle for a new personal best time. She was right with her teammate, Lotte Friis, for a majority of the race. The last 100 she really picked up her intensity and finished strong. Runge touched the wall at 8:26.71 and Lotte Friis finished second at 8:27.26. Brittany MacLean had the third fastest time at 8:29.51.

Elizabeth Beisel had a spectacular meet, dropping 18 seconds from her seed time to finish fourth. The 800 was a timed final event, and she wasn’t selected to swim in the final heat. She had the fastest time out of the morning heats and it was enough for a fourth place finish.

Men’s 1500 Freestyle – FINALS

Connor Jaeger is one of the premier distance swimmers in the United States. Why he was entered in the morning is a mystery to me, but he was, and he went a 15:00.97 to win the event. Michael McBroom and Sean Ryan were in the middle of the pool during the final heat, pushing each other through the end of the race. Michael McBroom won the final heat, finishing second overall to Jaeger with a 15:04.41. Sean Ryan finished third overall at 15:07.82 and Ryan Feeley was fourth at 15:21.62.

**Interesting side note: Katie Ledecky would have finished 9th overall had she been in that race.**

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  1. We Love Phelps says:

    Kevin Cordes is up next in the m-100 breast

  2. WHKirch says:

    Congratulations to Steve Schmuhl for breaking the men’s 200 breaststroke World Record by an astounding 6 seconds!

  3. We Love Phelps says:

    and Cordes wins it 1:00.7?

  4. We Love Phelps says:

    Franklin wins 100 back 1:00.17!
    love that beautiful smile on her face 😀

  5. We Love Phelps says:

    Go Matt!

  6. We Love Phelps says:

    54.34 for Vyatchanin!
    Grevers 54.95

  7. We Love Phelps says:

    now i want Aaron Peirsol to make a comeback too 😀
    is it possible?

    • lsswim says:

      Anyone else notice that Beisel did an 8:33 800 free in the earlier heat? – she has had an impressive week!

  8. david says:

    Sorry Phelps but that was pathetic
    Get your act together

  9. TheTroubleWithX says:

    Dwyer, Kalisz, Phelps in the 200 IM, all under 2:00. Kalisz may have been the most impressive, as this came after a 200 fly earlier tonight. Looked like Phelps died the last 50, just like the 200 free. Nationals will be interesting…

    • Diana says:

      The funny thing is Dwyer, Kalisz & Phelps all train together & hang out together! THAT must be interesting!

  10. Lazy Observer says:

    Well, Phelps came to find out how he would do and he found out. With reduced training and getting older he is a top competitor, but he is no longer the person to beat. It lets him decide what he is willing to invest. Maybe he decides it is worth it. Maybe he decides he is fine in a supporting role on relays. I respect that. And good for chase and Connor.

  11. David says:

    I think Phelps should only choose one single individual event.
    And I hope it’s the 200IM
    Because I want him to to get his WR back in that event.
    Then he can retire

  12. Sven says:

    I think this gives him a benchmark of where he’s at with moderate competitive fitness, so he and his coach can decide what their goals will be if they decide to take this “comeback” to the next level, and what kind of changes that next level will have to entail to reach those goals.

    These are respectable times when you’re doing doubles and are moderately rested. But after practicing less often and coming down off of a tough altitude camp where frequency and intensity of exercise are suddenly way higher, they’re even more promising. I am definitely a believer now that Phelps will have gold medal potential in the fly and IM at Rio. Although Hagino and hopefully Lochte will make the IM a tall order, with Le Clos and others doing the same in the fly. He might not go in as the favorite in either one, but he’ll be in the mix as much as anyone.

  13. Justin Thompson says:

    Michael’s time was OK considering it’s his first 200IM of the season, his first multi-day/multi-event prelim/finals effort, and that he’s only got a 1/2 a season under his belt. He certainly didn’t finish the 200fr or 200im like we are used to seeing, but that will come with more training. I don’t think he necessarily needs to go back to the old training regime and yardage, but rather just needs another 6 months or so before he’s able to come home on those 200’s.

    He’ll certainly be slower than what we are used to at Nationals and Pan Pacs, but could put up a solid 100free/100fly and will do the three relays.

  14. Danjohnrob says:

    If Phelps isn’t able to get 1st or 2nd at Nationals, he’d be expected to swim both prelims and finals of the 4 x 100 free relay, wouldn’t he? That would mean 4 races on day 3 of PanPacs! Well, he should certainly swim the 100 at Nationals, but I think he should just do the 4 x 200 relay, fly and medley relay at PanPacs, assuming he qualifies for all those events.

    • TheTroubleWithX says:

      danjohnrob — No prelim relays at Pan Pacs. Only take top 4 in the 100/200 free, although, of course, none are guaranteed to swim the relays. And I believe that, since each country has unlimited entries, a swimmer may swim events besides the ones where they made the team. So, for instance, Matt Grevers could bomb the 100 back at Nationals, manage a 4th place finish in the 100 free, earn a spot on the Pan Pacs team, but then not swim the 4×100 free (any other team member could take his place), swim the 100 back, post try fastest time of any US swimmer this year, and through that, earn a spot on next year’s World Championship team. Not likely, but possible, if I’ve read the selection criteria correctly. And I know most of that was only tangentially connected to your post. Hope you don’t mind the extraneous info dump.

      • Danjohnrob says:

        Thetroublewithx: Thank you, I didn’t realize there were no prelims relays at PanPacs! It does look like he could make the team and possibly qualify for Worlds in the 100 fly and relays. I think he needs to keep his number of events low though, so I think he should skip the 200 IM and work on it over the next 2 years.

  15. Becky D says:

    Commentary on the live feed indicated Jaeger swam during the early 1500 heats because he had to fly back to Michigan Sunday evening. Sounds like it was intentional and not a mistake.

  16. bobo gigi says:

    Day 4 analysis

    Women’s 200 fly
    Nothing to say. Very slow times. :sad:

    Men’s 200 fly
    Good battle but again, slow times. :sad:

    Women’s 100 breast
    Very very very slow times :sad:

    Men’s 100 breast
    Impressed by the performance of Cordes.
    I think he will swim 59.50 in August.

    Women’s 100 back
    I said yesterday: “If Missy doesn’t win the 100 back in a decent time, I’m going to be a little worried.”
    She won but I’m not convinced by the way to do it and the overall time.
    1.00.99. Not bad but not great.
    It’s hard for her fans because we used to see her break the minute barrier in the past at almost every Grand Prix.
    I know it’s hard to compare because she changed her coach, her training and she doesn’t train at high-altitude anymore.
    My biggest wish is really to see Missy improve her underwaters in the next 2 years. It’s not the case so far.
    I can understand she was more focused on freestyle in NCAA but she’s the backstroke queen!
    I couldn’t endure to see her lose a backstroke race at Pan Pacs! :mrgreen:
    GO MISSY! 😎
    A few words on 16-year-old Amy Bilquist who has the meet of her life! Definitely a girl to watch in the future.
    And on 15-year-old Claire Adams for a brilliant B-Final win.

    Men’s 100 back
    Nothing to say. Another win for Vyatchanin but slow times overall. :sad:

    Women’s 200 IM
    Nothing to say.

    Men’s 200 IM
    It’s hard to draw conclusions after only one race but I’m even still gonna do it.
    It was cool to see MP swim a 200 IM for the first time since London.
    Just to watch.
    That race makes clear to me that MP should only focus on shortest distances in the next 2 years.
    Let’s face reality.
    MP can’t recover as before anymore. And it will not improve in 2016 after being 2 years older.
    I’m one of his biggest fans in the entire world but it doesn’t prevent me from being realistic.
    I would really like to see him and his coach focus only on the 100 free/100 fly double in individual and of course on the 3 relays. With only a sprint training. With less yards of training but more a quality-oriented training.
    GO MP! 😎

    Women’s 800 free
    Is one of my last swimming predictions gonna happen again? :)
    For a few months now, I repeat that Cierra Runge is the next American big thing in the 200 free/400 free.
    But now she crushes her best time in the 800 free as well!
    8.26 ahead of Lotte Friis who has been great all week!
    Only the beginning of something great in my opinion.
    And hats off to Miss Beisel as well for an impressive meet. Stronger than ever.

    Men’s 1500 free
    Very good performance for Jaeger.
    I read the results and I see 16.07 for Nicholas Caldwell.
    I remember he was dominant in the junior ranks a few years ago. What happens to him? He’s totally disappeared since his US junior titles. He peaked younger? Or he has been injured?

    Overall a decent meet.
    With also too many slow races.
    But a meet with MP can’t be boring.

    4.11.71 BY CHASE KALISZ IN THE 400 IM




    • Flyin' says:

      Caldwell went to swim at UF at got injured very quickly. This season, he transferred to Wisconsin and swam pretty well. Hopefully he’s on the up-swing again.

    • Flyin' says:

      I do think Phelps can swim the IM, but he’ll have to put just a little bit more into training. To be in the same second as Dwyer and Kalisz is not bad and a 1:59 is not a bad time at this stage in this pool. That said, I would also understand if he didn’t want to swim it because of the busy schedule it would give him.


    48.8 was a very good time from M Phelps ! very promising also for the Us 400 free relay this summer . Very decent 200 IM and a status quo on 100 fly . He is going well and will progress smartly for the next 2 years .

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