2012-2013 Open Water National Teams Released Too

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USA Swimming has also announced the full lineups for the 2012-2013 USA Swimming Open Water National Team as well. These were much easier to calculate, as it was simply the Olympic representatives (Alex Meyer and Haley Anderson) plus the top-5 non-Olympians from the 10km swim at Open Water Nationals.

Not surprisingly, Mission Viejo continues to establish itself as the training hot spot for open water swimming in the United States. Not only were they the only program to have trained more than one member of this team, they had a full four swimmers named to the National Team.

For the pool squad, click here.

Ashley Twichell Mission Viejo Nadadores Bill Rose
Haley Anderson Trojan Swim Club Dave Salo
Christine Jennings Mission Viejo Nadadores Bill Rose
Eva Fabian Greenwood Memorial Swim Club Jack Fabian
Tristin Baxter Arizona State University Dorsey Tierney-Walker
Gillian Ryan North Baltimore Aquatic Club Bob Bowman
Alex Meyer Crimson Aquatics Tim Murphy
Andrew Gemmell University of Georgia/Delaware Swim Team Jack Bauerle/Bruce Gemmell
Janardan Burns Mission Viejo Nadadores Tyler Fenwick
David Heron Mission Viejo Nadadores Tyler Fenwick
Joey Pedraza Gator Swim Club Gregg Troy
Arhur Frayler Gemantown Academy Dick Shoulberg

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