14-year-old Marrit Steenbergen sets Dutch Junior Record in 100 free

Marrit Steenbergen, a 14-year-old from RTC Drachten, won the 100 long-course meter free at the Netherlands Junior Championships over the weekend, setting both the 14-year-old national record and the overall junior national mark, continuing to rewrite the country’s age group records for girls.

Steenbergen already owned the overall Dutch junior record with her time of 57.81 put up as a 13-year-old. But Sunday she lowered that mark while knocking down the 14-year-olds record of 57.81 set by Esmee Vermeulen in 2010. Steenbergen went 57.32, winning the race by almost two seconds.

You can find full meet results here.

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7 years ago

What do you mean by an “overall junior mark” ? Ajna Kesely swam 57.36 on April 17, and on June 12 Fanni Gyurinivics swam 56.89, They are both from Hungary and are under 13 !

7 years ago

Does anybody know of a world-wide (or at least european/american etc) ranking if junior swimmers ? Does it exist at all ?

Reply to  Piponyabb
7 years ago

I think we could gather the info on each country (at least the most representative ones) if we have the age defined..

Reply to  Piponyabb
7 years ago

Heres a link to finas website with a list of all qualified athletes for the yog 2014, it includes all swimmers born after 1995 (just press the ”Search” button if the list doesnt appear automatically):

7 years ago

The WR for 14 yo girl is I think Yolane Kukla who swam 54.02 in 2010

bobo gigi
Reply to  aswimfan
7 years ago

You’re probably right.
Missy Franklin swam 54.03 in 2009.

7 years ago

Was Steenbergen born in 1999 or 2000?

Reply to  thomaslurzfan
7 years ago

I just found out that she was born in 2000, anyway here are the best times from germany:
All time: Van Almsick 54.94 (1992 in Barcelona, she swam 1.57.90 in the 200 free the same year)
Last year: 57.35
This year: 57.56
Some other notable times:
2011: Anna Dietterle 55.77
2008: Silke Lippok 55.46

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