10 Ways to Make a Travel Meet Successful

Going on a swimming trip inter-state or overseas is exciting and fun, but you also want to set yourself up to be able to perform. Here a few tips to ensure you can still stand up and produce that time you are capable of–even when you are on the road.

1. Drink LOADS of water. Air travel and air conditioning can play havoc with your hydration. Pack a water bottle and consciously drink. Be sure to purchase bottled water if you are travelling in a country where water supply is not reliable/clean.

2. Book a hotel room away from the elevator shaft and facing away from the street. This simple request will ensure your room is as quiet as possible.

3. Stock your bedside table! We’ve all experienced that feeling of disorientation when you wake up thirsty or hungry in a strange bed not knowing where you are. Make sure you have water and maybe even a healthy snack on hand right next to you.

4. Carry ear plugs. Simple solution to a snoring room-mate. Rather than spend your time moaning about poor sleep, be prepared.

5. Pack your favourite cereals/granola and snacks. Obviously you can’t carry fresh food over borders but cereals, snack bars, drink powders, etc are fine.  This will ensure you have the fuel you need to race well. Just be sure to declare this on your customs forms if travelling Internationally. The day before a big meet is NOT the time to explore new ethnic cuisines.

6. ALWAYS pack your swimming essentials (cap, goggles and swimsuit) in your carry-on luggage. This way if your checked luggage is lost or delayed you can still race with confidence in a suit that fits.

7. Carry spares. Goggles break, caps split. Avoid panic and pack two of everything.

8. Pack a copy of your important documents (passport, visa, etc) in a secret location. That way if you originals are lost you will have the papers you need to arrange emergency replacements.

9. Research roaming charges on your mobile phone. You don’t want to arrive home to an enormous bill! In most countries it is far more economical to purchase a SIM card upon arrival.

10. Reduce jet lag by adopting your new countries time zone as soon as you arrive. Regardless of what time it is in your home country or how long you’ve been travelling, if you can be disciplined upon arrival and stay awake until bedtime then you will reduce jet lag significantly.

Now go race fast!

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