The Water Is My Sky: Filmmaker Brian Tremml Responds to the Positive Praise

November 19th, 2013, SwimSwam reported that a new filmmaker was among the swimming ranks. Brian Tremml teased us with the clip above from his new documentary film, The Water Is My Sky.  The teaser video was well received. Below Brian responds to the postive feedback and teases us more with news of his developing production.

Via Brian’s Website:

Brian Tremml, swimming documentary flimmaker (via Twitter)

Brian Tremml, swimming documentary flimmaker (via Twitter)

First of all, we would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to view, share and comment on our teaser video. The response in the past twenty-four hours has been overwhelmingly positive, and for that we are extremely grateful.

I wanted to take a moment to address some questions we have received regarding the nature of the project as well as the timeline for its completion.

Our aim is to make a full-length, feature documentary that fully and completely explores the world of elite competitive swimming. To achieve this goal, it is our intention to film several members of the swimming community who represent the past, present and future of the sport; each of these three components will play their own distinct role in the final cut of the film.

Though we are not able to unveil the official cast of characters, we would like to announce that a major aspect of our film will be a retelling of the journey and drive of competitive swimming as portrayed in the book Gold in the Water. This is a book I cherished throughout my own swimming career, and I consider it to be a perfect example of the best aspects of our sport. Throughout the next year, we will be travelling around the country to meet with the author and cast of the book in order to capture their stories on film.

And so, we are actually at the beginning of our production journey. We view yesterday’s video as our thesis statement, which will serve as our guiding light in the months ahead.

The decision to release a teaser also stemmed from the desire to bring the swimming community together in order to actively take part in the making of this film. We hope to make the production process an interactive experience. This is why we used the word ‘my’ in the title: because we are ultimately making this film for you.

As we travel across the country in the coming months, we will update this blog as much as possible in order to give our followers an opportunity to see the film come together. You may also find us on FacebookTwitterYouTube and Vimeo.

Thank you, and I hope to see you around the pool deck!

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Sally Cote

Hi Brian- I am really excited about your project and wish you much success. I am the parent of a former Holland High swimmer, Peter Cote’, who is also a film maker! He co-founded a production company with a college friend called Conscious Minds Productions. He was inspired to launch a career in film in Mr. Schneider’s Critical Cinema class in high school and like you, there was no turning back after that. He started out at Hope and concurrently took classes at Compass Arts Academy in Grand Rapids. Between his freshman and sophomore year at Hope he went out to Palm Springs, CA to intern on a film and from that point on he was LA bound. He transferred… Read more »

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Gold Medal Mel Stewart

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