Watch 2024 Washington DC Olympic Bid Promotional Video

Washington DC is one of four cities vying to be the American bidder for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games, along with Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Boston.

Above, watch as Washington DC promotes its people, its mass transportation, infracture, and historic backdrop as part of its bid.

“USA should host 2024 Summer Olympics”

VIA YOUTUBE: The president of the Association of National Olympic Committees, Ahmed Al-Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah, urges America to bid for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games.

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Chicago Scott

Please don’t use a chain like PF Chang’s as a sample of the ‘fine’ dining in the Washington DC area.

Joel Lin

You’ve obviously never been sentenced to serve time in the DMV, Chicago Scott.


As regards DC-area Olympic gold medalists, the video didn’t include swimmers Tom Dolan and Melissa Belote (1972 100-200 back, 400 MR; 1973 WC 100 back). While Belote might not be recognized because she achieved her success 42 years ago, Dolan had world records until Phelps came along and broke those. Also, Dolan and Belote are much more representative of the DC area than Phelps, a Baltimore native. Back to the DC bid: this should be the winner. All the other cities need to pack it in. While Summers can be hot and hellishly humid in DC, the visuals are all there: a marathon route that starts at Arlington National Cemetery and runs along the National Mall (as does the current… Read more »

Gina Rhinestone

Why has the USA never bid for worlds swimming? It will be 50 years soon .Has it ever held track& field ?

In this regards DC is a worse tight arse & has never held anything .Why should it get the prize?

Furthermore plenty of Americans , even Virginians hate DC .


Honestly, I would love to have an olympics in DC. That is mainly because it is only a 2.5 hour drive from my native Philly area. Also, we haven’t had that many olympics close to here within quite the time span (probably Lake Placid 1980 *Atlanta wasn’t that close*)

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Gold Medal Mel Stewart

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