USA Swimming Launches SWIMS 3.0, Featuring New Services and Rebuilt Times Database

by Spencer Penland 20

September 02nd, 2022 National, News

USA Swimming has officially launched SWIMS 3.0, a complete overhaul of their previous database and system. According to USAS, SWIMS 3.0 is designed to streamline administrative processes for clubs, swimmers, families, and LSCs. The launch includes completely redesigned services and features on USA Swimming’s website, as well as mobile compatibility and a brand-new app for SWIMS, which will be available shortly.

Before the launch of SWIMS 3.0, USA Swimming was one of the only National Governing Bodies (NGB) that didn’t offer online registration for swimmers and their families. Previously, swimmer registration had to go through the LSCs, now with SWIMS 3.0, swimmers and parents can directly register themselves online. According to USA Swimming, this means that the number of people using SWIMS is going to go from around 300 (what it was previously) to roughly 400,000 now that individuals can handle their own registration.

Clubs will get their own unique registration link which they can send to the families of their new swimmers who need to register. Additionally, each club will have a QR code which parents can scan through the app for registration.

That’s just one part of the changes to administrative processes that come within USA Swimming as part of SWIMS 3.0. Up until now, the vast majority of administrative processes that USAS clubs need to do (registration, sanctions, updating club contact info, etc.) had to go through their LSC. SWIMS 3.0 is designed to change that, allowing clubs to now complete those duties online directly through USA Swimming. According to USA Swimming, this should speed up the processing time for those services, ease the burden on the LSCs, and prevent the administrative logjams that many LSCs experience at various points throughout the year.

Another important change is that clubs will be able to request meet sanctions themselves through SWIMS 3.0. Prior to SWIMS 3.0, all meet sanction requests had to be sent through the club’s LSC. This is designed to cut down on the volume of requests an LSC has to deal with and speed up the process for getting sanctions approved.

Another piece of the SWIMS 3.0 launch revolves around the times database. USA Swimming has completely rebuilt their times database for this new system, which is projected to be a significant improvement on the previous database. USAS says that the new database won’t have the same issues as the previous edition, including instances like duplicate times, mystery times that can’t be traced outside of the database, and mistaken times. This is designed to improve the accuracy of USA Swimming’s record keeping and for the use of swimmers, families, and fans alike.

Finally, USA Swimming has provided video tutorials, FAQ, and user manuals on the SWIMS 3.0 website, to assist new users in successfully maneuvering the new array of services it offers.

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1 year ago

Where did the IMX times go? The IMX page does a great job of telling you what IMX is, but the times we use to be able to pull are gone.

Last edited 1 year ago by Steven
Ashley Wells
1 year ago

Can someone please provide an article or podcast on the swim tools available to us commoners to search for times and to filter and sort by region, state, age group, or find IMX scores and rankings. Now that deck pass is gone, I am lost. What are my options for finding the same information that Deck Pass once provided?

Tami Thomas
1 year ago

Clubs will get their own unique registration link which they can send to the families of their new swimmers who need to register. Additionally, each club will have a QR code which parents can scan through the app for registration.

We never received this, where does it come from? Your new website is horrible, I’m stumped on what to do and how to help our swimmers get registered. Our club swim is starting ASAP. Please help.

My Name
1 year ago

It’s a horrible experience and I am a newbie – as a parent I have five ID#’s and no associated LSC. The video’s are incorrect and misleading. No support from an organization that I have to pay money to in order for my child to swim. Re-thinking this decision. Karate is looking really good right now.

Jen H.
1 year ago

Same problem as many have already stated. After creating an account as a parent, I CAN’T ADD my child. How did this thing pass any form of testing before roll out?

Unattached Mom
1 year ago

My 15 year old is an Unattached swimmer and AM LSC has Nothing about unattached and USAS has Nothing on how to get the Unattached information.
I have found every other LSC Information but Western PA!

Also You Can’t add your Child without the New ID unless they are Over 16 this new Aystem Sucks and is A Complete Mess!

We are Missing this weekend Next weekend and Possibly the first weekend in October due to no ID!

But I can searchy Daughter’s name in times and the last xx #of years Comes up!
But I can’t seem to be sent her new ID when her Old one don’t expire till 12/22.

I am beyond upset!

We are Missing Meets!

Swim Dad
1 year ago

Nice that they are finally addressing some privacy issues. Current system makes it way to easy to find any swim kids birthday.

But they didn’t make a way to lookup the new ID when adding a existing minor use swimming member. So the process is kinda broken.

If you signup an adult as an existing member it asks for some personal info and tries to match the account. No such luck with kids. Pretty broken.

kim Conte
1 year ago

Can’t seem to get a verification code to register my existing swimmer . What’s the issue? I hope this gets worked out . Appreciate the videos to help guide us but if the system does not work .. that’s a problem.

Please fix asap so we can do what we need to do