Unbelievable Bert, Unbelievable Dad

Bert le Clos won hearts the world over when his son Chad beat Michael Phelps to Olympic gold in the 200m butterfly at London 2012. The South African’s emotional and passionate interview with BBC presenter Clare Balding went viral.

Now Bert is fighting prostate cancer and in “UNBELIEVABLE”, the documentary globally released on July 24 that charts Chad’s preparations for Rio 2016, the world sees for the first time the real Bert, the incredible bond he has with his son and the extraordinary character that engages everyone he meets.

“UNBELIEVABLE” is the story of Chad and Bert’s road to Rio, a story of extraordinary emotion, incredible commitment and burning desire for Olympic gold. A OneToWatch production, UNBELIEVABLE has been directed by Sir Matthew Pinsent, himself a four time Olympic Gold medallist and BBC broadcaster. More recently the driving force behind the BBC’s Olympic Dreams series, Matthew has captured the highs, lows and everything in between as Chad chases his dream to Rio de Janeiro.

“UNBELIEVABLE: The Chad le Clos Story” will air on SuperSport in Africa, Eurosport in the Europe, and on Chad’s official website on 24 and 25 July 2016.

This swimming story is courtesy of Professional Sport Group.

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4 years ago

is it Bert or Bret?

4 years ago

Is the man’s name Bert or Bret? The front page link has it once each way.

Reply to  Chris
4 years ago

As does this page, BTW.

Reply to  Chris
4 years ago

I cherish this website with all of my heart and check it several times a day, but the team needs to come up with a better editing system. It seems daily articles are posted with spelling errors or time errors, or even podium errors from a previous world champs or olympics. I completely understand that this passionate team works their butts off and some articles are rushed to be posted as soon as possible for the public, and that some mistakes slip through the cracks, but it seems to occur on a regular basis. I can’t believe how many misspelled words and wrong times were in the latest SwimSwam magazine. It just feels very unprofessional for a site trying to… Read more »

Reply to  CanadianShark
4 years ago

Agreed. 100%. We’re working on it, adding support on that side, but thanks for bringing it up. Motivates us more in a positive direction.

Reply to  Chris
4 years ago

It’s Bert. I updated. Thank you for point it out.

Bert Bret
4 years ago

Worse is they spelled dad backwards.

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