Two American Officials Were Selected for the 2013 World Championships

Thirty six individuals representing twenty six countries were chosen to officiate at the 2013 World Championships in Barcelona. Spain, the host country, has the largest number of officials. They have eight judges and one starter. The United States and Japan both have two officials.

Eguchi Kazumi of Japan and Vincens Sole of Spain will be the two starters.

Michael Poropat of the United States will be the meet announcer. Poropat is the voice of USA Swimming and has been for several years. He was the announcer at the 2013 World Championship Trails in Indianapolis, IN.

The other American official is Jay Thomas. A recipient of the Glen S. Hummer award, Thomas has officiated at FINA World Swimming Championships, national open water championships, local open water, and local pool events. He has served on the USA Swimming Rules Committee and the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Board as well as develops, trains and certifies open water swimming officials.

Japan Eguchi Kazumi Starter
Spain Vincens Sole Starter
USA Michael Poropat Announcer
Argentina Patricio Ramallo Judge
Australia Jann Fathers Judge
Belarus Siarhei Hriharau Judge
Brazil Marcelo Falcao Judge
Canada Dave Shewfelt Judge
China Yuan Haoran Judge
Denmark Poul Stougaard Judge
France Claude Pouliquen Judge
Hungary Katalin Sass Judge
Honduras Douglas Laitano Judge
India Ramakrishna Mekala Judge
Isreal Arie Silberman Judge
Japan Katsuyoski Fujimori Judge
Nigeria Martins Adeojo Judge
New Zealand Matt Meehan Judge
Papau New Guinea Pini Sarenah Judge
Portugal Graca Fernandes Judge
Puerto Rico José de Jesus Judge
South Africa Brenda Smit Judge
Russia Evgeny Sadovy Judge
Switzerland Andreas Tschanz Judge
Sweden Hakan Westrin Judge
Uganda Peter S. Mugisha Judge
USA Jay Thomas Judge
Uzbekistan Natalya Obukhova Judge
Spain Paz Belenguer National Judge
Spain Rosario Lopez National Judge
Spain Begona Villares National Judge
Spain Marta Sole National Judge
Spain Elena Sanchez National Judge
Spain Alfonso Wucherpfennig National Judge
Spain Marta Beneito National Judge
Spain Manuel Real National Judge

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Congrats to Michael Poropat and Jay Thomas!!!!

Yay for Poropat! Columbia swimming represent!

jean Michel

Congrats to woth ! happy to hear that voice as announcer …..


wonder if Michael Poropat will have to motivate and get the crowd in Barcelona going like he tried so hard @ Indy lol


lol that was so painful.

I don’t think the crowd in Barcelona will need any more encouragement.

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