Yoga for Swimming

Rock the pool – Swim Race Days am 4. u. 5. März in Dortmund

Swim Race Days, Dortmund 04.-05. März 2016 Südbad Dortmund 50 m Bahn Veranstaltungsseite Meldeergebnis Ergebnisse (wenn Veranstaltung läuft) 2016 fanden…

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7 Razones por las que debes salir con un nadador o una nadadora

¿Conoce a un nadador?  Para ser éxitosos los nadadores hay que dedicadarse totalmente al deporte, una mentalidad que parecería loca…


Why Manners In The First Degree Matter for College Recruits

The old saying, “first impressions” could not be more true when you have your first contact with your potential college swim coach.


Can We Build A Better College Meet Schedule?

As a collegiate distance swimmer, I had plenty of things to gripe about to my mid-distance counterparts: more monotonous workouts, a shorter taper timeline, and a distinct lack of yoga during morning practices.


Jerome Smith Doesn’t Let Heart Problems Stop Him From Swimming

After suffering a heart attack six years ago, Jerome Smith’s heart only pumps at 34 percent of a healthy one. But that hasn’t kept the 73-year-old from blasting away at SCAQ Masters swim workouts. And now he plans to compete in his first swim meet in 15 years.

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Blickt 2017 über den Schwimmerhorizont hinaus: Bei der Athleticon

Im Oktober fand in Freiburg die Athleticon 2016 statt: Ein erfolgreicher Athlet ist immer auf der Suche nach neuen Wegen,…

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Yoga for Swimmers: Increase Your Core Strength (20 minute workout)

Follow Olympians in this 20 minute vinyasa yoga for swimmers focusing on core exercise.

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Chalmers Points To McEvoy’s Advice In Accepting AIS Male Athlete Award

Kyle Chalmers describes his ‘mixed emotions’ on winning Olympic gold, while also pointing to important advice Cameron McEvoy gave him after having made the 2016 Olympic team.


Yoga for Swimmers: 4 Common Misconceptions About Sport-Specific Yoga

Many people have limited or no exposure to yoga, because of this there are many misconceptions about sport-specific yoga…

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Yoga for Swimmers (Video) – Injury Prevention Sequence

This short sequence is designed to help prevent the most common injuries that swimmers suffer from…

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Yoga for Swimmers: 4 Poses for Injury Prevention

Practicing yoga is a great way to ensure that you develop the strength and mobility you need to stay injury free…

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Yoga for Swimmers (Video): A Sequence to Enhance Recovery

One of the greatest advantages to incorporating yoga into your training plan is how it will allow you to recover more effectively…

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Yoga for Swimmers: 3 Ways Yoga Can Help Develop Easy Speed

Yoga is an amazing way to learn how to move with ease which can be transferred into the pool to develop efficiency at speed…

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5 Ways to Increase the Speed of Your Freestyle and Dolphin Kick

Practice makes perfect. You cannot develop a fast freestyle or dolphin kick without a lot of hard work. But the rewards are great. Here are five of my best tips for developing a stronger, faster kicking speed.


Yoga for Swimmers (Video) – Releasing Tension in the Hip Flexors

This short video sequence will take you through four poses that will help relieve stiffness in your hip flexors…

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