SwimLabs Science: An Interview with Swimlabs co-founder, Mike Mann

I had a few questions for SwimLabs co-founder, Mike Mann. What better litmus test for swim success than a tried…

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527 New Swim Jobs You Might Love

Want a job in swimming? We have over 1214 Swim Jobs listed.

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Improve Your Track Start In Swimming

Nearly all swimmers today use a track start with one foot forward and the other back on the starting block


Why Butterfly should NOT be considered a short-axis stroke

A short-axis stroke is defined as a stroke where there is desirable rotation of the body along the short axis through the middle of the hip, as opposed to the long axis, along the length of the body.


How to Master Swimming Starts With The Slingshot – Video

With the introduction of the back footplate on the swim starting blocks in 2008, the dynamics of the technique of starting changed.


Yoga for Swimmers: Olympic Gold Medalist Rebecca Soni Talks Yoga

Olympic gold medalist Rebecca Soni fell in love with yoga while training as a professional athlete and has made it a life long practice…

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One On One With Aussie Medley Swimmer Blair Evans

Aussie swimmer and Funkita athlete Blair Evans is on a high after a successful Australian Short Course Championships. Evans won bronze in the 200 metres individual medley and swam a blistering 4.29.20 to win gold in the 400.

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High Elbow Pull In Freestyle

Teaching swimming technique is very interesting. Every client we have at The Race Club is different. Some learn easily. Some don’t.


518 New Swim Jobs You Might Love

Want a job in swimming? We have over 1205 Swim Jobs listed.

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Dolfin Launches LightStrike (TM) – Photo Vault

Greg Meehan, 2017 NCAA coach of the year: “LightStrikeTM gives our athletes the power of a perfect fit, customized to their specific stroke and body type along with the greatest technology on the market.”

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Dolfin Performance Swimwear: LightStrikeTM In-Depth Video

Matt Zimmer,  Dolfin Swimwear’s VP of Global Development, breaks down Dolfin’s latest in performance technology–LightStrikeTM. 

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Shouts From The Stands: Questioning The USRPT Dryland Ideas

Dr. Brent Rushall is the main advocate for Ultra Short Race Paced Training (USRPT) in swimming. Michael Andrew (USA swimmer, pictured on the right) has embraced such training method and to date has won the World Championship title in the 100meter IM at the 2016 edition.


Yoga for Swimmers – Three Poses for the Hips to Enhance Recovery

Recovery is important for swimmers at any level. The following three poses focusing on the hips will help you enhance your recovery…

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Technique & Drills For Using Your Core For Swim Power & Speed

When you reach for the catch in swimming, I sometimes say “punch the monkey” because when a boxer punches he does not punch straight out in front of him.

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For Butterfly And Breaststroke: Use Your Head

At The Race Club we have always preached to our campers to try to swim smarter.


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