Tips For talking With College Coaches

Contributor, Rick Paine, is an expert on the college recruiting process. He is also the Director of Swimming at American College Connection (ACC). ACC is a SwimSwam Partner.

The holiday season is a great time to talk with college coaches because it gives you something to talk about besides your sport and the weather. It provides the perfect opening for initiating a conversation with a college coach.

Your conversation might go something like this:

Recruit:  “Hi Coach Smith. It’s good to talk with you.”

Recruit:  “How was your Thanksgiving?”

Coach: “Just fine.”

Recruit: “Were you able to spend it with your family?”

The conversation should take off from here.

Another Holiday Tip:

One thing that can make a lasting impression on someone is to “Wish you a Merry Christmas” or have a “Have a nice Thanksgiving”.

It takes a little bit of effort to train yourself to greet college coaches in this way, but once you remember to say the words, it becomes fun, takes only about 5 seconds and could be extremely effective in leaving a positive impression on college coaches.

This is just another way to separate you from all of the other recruits out there.


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