The 2018 Swim England Winter Championships Photo Vault

The 2018 Swim England Winter Championships concluded, with stars such as Imogen Clark and Max Litchfield knocking down British National Records, while visiting swimmers Penny Oleksiak and Kayla Sanchez did damage on the Canadian record book.

James Guy and Anna Hopkin both laid waste to British textile records as well.

You can review each of the 3-day recaps here:

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

Below, re-live the action at Ponds Forge in Sheffield, with a collection of photos provided courtesy of SWpix/Swim England.

2018 Swim England Winter Championships, SWpix/Swim England


Max Litchfield, SWpix/Swim England


Katie Matts, SWpix/Swim England


Marie Wattel, SWpix/Swim England


Max & Joe Litchfield, SWpix/Swim England



Sam Horrocks, SWpix/Swim England



Luke Greenbank, SWpix/Swim England

Sarah Vasey & Illizane Pinfold, SWpix/Swim England


Emily Barclay & Elena Dewhurst, SWpix/Swim England


Lily Boseley, Hanna Henderson & Honey Osrin, SWpix/Swim England


Chloe Golding, SWpix/Swim England


Katie Matts, Kierra Smith & Lana Broekhoven, SWpix/Swim England


Jay Lelliott, SWpix/Swim England


Marie Wattel, Kayla Sanchez & Betsy Wizard, SWpix/Swim England


Victoria Deona Bergeli, Daniela Cogswell, Rosie Morgan and Emily Peck, Plymouth Leander Relay, SWpix/Swim England


James Guy & Edward Mildred, SWpix/Swim England


Lily Boseley, SWpix/Swim England


Polly Holden & Maisie Elliott, SWpix/Swim England

Adam Chillingworth, SWpix/Swim England

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2 years ago

Whoa. Maybe better no pic than the pic of Katie Matts, Kierra Smith & Lana Broekhoven that’s up. Reflection? Looks like they’re melting!

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