Texas Women, Cal Men Remain Atop CSCAA Dual Meet Poll

by Robert Gibbs 8

November 14th, 2018 College, News

Editor’s Note: SwimSwam is not on the voting panel for the CSCAA Dual Meet Rankings, but the rankings are posted as a courtesy to the CSCAA. See our most recent men’s Power Rankings here and women’s Power Rankings here.

The Cal men and Texas women maintain their top-ranked spots in the latest CSCAA, after displacing Texas and Stanford two weeks ago. Both have teams continued to roll since then, including a Cal men’s win over Stanford at the annual triple distance meet, and the Longhorn women posting wins over Texas A&M and Cal (with their meet at Stanford being cancelled due to fire raging in Northern California).

On the men’s side, the top eight teams all are the same as previously, with a little swapping of spots, while Louisville and Tennessee both jumped up to round up the top ten.  Four previously-unranked teams are now in the top 25, led by Virginia Tech, which makes its debut at #16.

The women’s poll showed a lot more movement, including USC moving up from 11th to 6th, and Tennessee moving all the way from 24th to 9th.  Purdue had the highest debuted, coming in at #17 after being previously unranked.

Results can be found below, or on the CSCAA website here.

Division I Men

Rank Previous Team Points
1 1 California 250
2 2 Indiana 238
3 4 NC State 237
4 3 Florida 207
4 6 Michigan 207
6 5 Texas 200
7 8 Southern California 197
8 7 Stanford 175
9 13 Louisville 172
10 15 Tennessee 163
11 10 Ohio State 146
12 11 Alabama 141
13 12 Texas A&M 127
14 9 Georgia 109
15 16 Virginia 106
16 NR Virginia Tech 102
17 14 Arizona State 97
18 20 Minnesota 66
19 NR Florida State 58
20 17 Georgia Tech 57
21 NR Notre Dame 47
22 25 Purdue 35
23 NR Kentucky 33
24 19 Missouri 31
25 21 Arizona 13

Also Receiving Votes: Pittsburgh (12), Harvard/Iowa (11), Wisconsin/Princeton (1)

Men’s Poll Committee: Brian Schrader, Denver; Steve Schaffer, Grand Canyon; Bill Roberts Navy; Craig Nisgor, Seattle; McGee Moody South Carolina; Chad Cradock UMBC; Chase Bloch, USC; Jason Calanog, Texas A&M; Ashley Dell, Iowa; Damion Dennis, West Virginia; Dan Kesler, Arizona State; Neal Studd, Florida State; Jamie Holder, Dartmouth; Kevin Woodhull-Smith, East Carolina

Division I Women

Rank Previous Team Points
1 1 Texas 274
2 3 Michigan 264
3 2 Stanford 252
4 7 Virginia 234
5 5 California 218
6 11 Southern California 214
7 4 NC State 212
8 8 Louisville 202
9 24 Tennessee 178
10 10 Florida 177
11 6 Texas A&M 160
12 17 Auburn 152
13 9 Indiana 150
14 13 Notre Dame 139
15 11 Georgia 136
16 20 Duke 91
17 18 Kentucky 87
17 NR Purdue 87
19 NR North Carolina 81
20 14 Wisconsin 77
21 16 Minnesota 60
22 NR Florida State 49
23 15 Ohio State 31
24 NR South Carolina 24
25 NR Missouri 12

Also Receiving Votes: UCLA/Arkansas (6), Northwestern/Alabama (1)

Women’s Poll Committee: Colleen Murphy, Air Force; Dan Colella, Duke; Ryan Wochomurka, Houston; Lars Jorgenson, Kentucky; Naya Higashijima, UCLA; Jennifer Buffin, Oregon State; David Geyer, LSU; Neil Harper, Arkansas; Jesse Moore, Minnesota; Kristy Brager, Wisconsin; Niko Fantakis, Brown; April Jensen, Notre Dame; Nathan Lavery, TCU;

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Where are the Cal vs Texas dual meet results???


Some fast swims. Weitzeil split 21.5 on the relay, and mclaughlins 200 fly is looking bright as well.


looks like diving was the difference.


Close but not quite. Swimming was 133-129 Texas. But add Bilquist back in and they will be fine.


I am the biggest Longhorn fan you’ll find, but these rankings are utterly useless. Swimming is not a sport in which participants play at their top level several times per week, or once per week. It does not lend itself to seasonal rankings. If we wanted a sport that easy we’d all go play football harharhar.


The Texas women are always ranked much higher in these polls relative to where they finish at NCAAs. I like to see teams swim well in duel meets and don’t agree with the idea that it’s “bad” for swimmers to be fast in season, but I continue to be baffled why the Texas women put so much emphasis on duel meets and always flop at NCAAs (relative) to their dual meet performances all year.


This is a DUAL meet poll and not a poll about their ncaa poll. I don’t get the purpose either but Texas women have a good lineup for dual meets and swim well in season so they are ranked high! For me, they have to step up and get top 3 or win to be a great team!

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