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The Top 9 Swimming Pool Games: #3 Sharks and Minnows

Disclaimer: SwimSwam does not endorse all of these swimming pool games. Some are dangerous. Some, which are not so dangerous, will, however, enrage lifeguards and probably get you booted from your community pool.


Mexico Earthquake Rocks Swimming Pool

And you thought meet warmups were bad… how ‘bout these waves?!


Haley Anderson: Trust in your Hard Work and Dedication

Haley Anderson, Olympic medalist: “There’s no point focusing on the things you can’t change. So just focus on all the hard work and time you have dedicated and trust in that work to shine through when the time comes to race.”

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Austin Swim Club Future Home, Olympic-Sized Myrtha Pool For High-Caliber Swimmers, Masters and Triathletes

Todd Foley’s Austin Swim Club will have a new address in the future at the Austin Aquatics & Sports Academy site being developed in Southwest Austin.


Out of Nowhere – SwimSwam Film Fest

Every morning, an old lifeguard arrives for another day of work, when in fact the swimming pool he guards has been empty for years. One day an unexpected guest appears out of nowhere, filling him with doubts about his everyday reality. (Image courtesy of Maayan Tzuriel)

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The Deepest Swimming Pool in the World, Nemo 33

Nemo 33 is a swimmer’s Disneyland. Located in Brussels, Belgium, it’s 113 feet (34.5 meters) deep, the deepest pool in…


ISHOF and Swimming History in Academy Award Winning Film Life of Pi

“The Art Nouveau Parisian swimming pool, the Piscines Auteuil-Molitor.” (Photo Credit: ISHOF)

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Swim Prank Videos

If you have a swim prank video, send it to swimswam. (Swim Photo Credit: SP)


SwimSwam Film Fest: Swimming Pool, an animated film

“An international award winning animation…” (Swim Photo Credit: Alexandra Hetmerova)

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The SwimSpray Chlorine Laboratory

FROM DR. ANDREW CHADEAYNE, INVENTOR OF SWIMSPRAY: The swimming community is small – but it’s powerful.  Last week, swimming brought together…

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Swim Team Nostalgia at SwimSpray

“The entire SwimSpray Team swims on a regular basis…”

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Franklin’s Leader in London, Coach Schmitz

“The multi-year, multi-phase plan has helped Franklin gain superstar success in the pool.” (Photo Courtesy: ©Tim Binning/TheSwimPictures.com)