Brock Turner

Judge In Brock Turner Case Recalled, First CA Judge Recalled Since ’32

Aaron Persky, the California judge criticized for his sentence of former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner, has been recalled by voters, making him the first California judge recalled since 1932.


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Brock Turner Registers As Sex Offender In Ohio Amid Armed Protesters

Former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner has registered as a tier III sex offender in his home state of Ohio upon being released from a California jail.


Brock Turner Sentence Ends, California Law Seeks Heavier Penalties

Brock Turner, the former Stanford swimmer convicted of sexual assault this spring, is set to be released from jail today, while state lawmakers work to pass legislation that would mandate harsher penalties in similar cases.


Brock Turner Required To Attend Drug & Alcohol Counseling Upon Release

Former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner will be required to undergo drug and alcohol counseling when he is released from jail in September, the Associated Press reports.


Documents Explain Judge’s Logic in Turner Sexual Assault Sentencing

Court documents reveal the reasoning behind Judge Aaron Persky’s sentence toward former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner, a sentence some have criticized as overly lenient.


Brock Turner’s Jail Sentence Could Only Be 3 Months, Per County Website

With his 6-month jail sentence already drawing criticism online, Brock Turner may only serve half that amount, per reports from The Washington Post and others.


Today Show Reports On Alleged Drug, Alcohol Use in Brock Turner Case

NBC’s Today Show this morning reported on court documents they say suggest a history of drug and alcohol use for former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner, who was convicted of sexual assault last week.


Olympian David Berkoff Believes USA Swimming Should Ban Brock Turner

USA Swimming did not “ban” Brock Turner, but Olympic Gold Medalist Dave Berkoff​ believes they should.


EDITORIAL: Addressing the Rape Culture on College Campuses

Below is an editorial written by Alex Zelin and Nicki Johnson, both of whom work with the organization Defined Lines, which…


Football Player Imprisoned On False Rape Charges Cites ‘Privilege’ In Brock Turner Case

Brian Banks, a former standout high school football player who spent five years in prison on rape charges that turned out to be false, criticized the 6-month sentence given to former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner, citing “a case of privilege.”


Statements From Brock Turner’s Father, Victim Spark Outrage Over Sentence

Court statements from Brock Turner’s father and the woman he was convicted of sexually assaulting have stirred up criticism over the length of Turner’s jail sentence and the status of sexual assault within public conversation.


Brock Turner ‘Would Not Be Eligible’ for USA Swimming Membership

Former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner was not a member of USA Swimming at the time he sexually assaulted a woman,…


Former Stanford Swimmer Brock Turner Sentenced To 6 Months In Jail

Having been found guilty of three felony sexual assault charges stemming from an on-campus incident taking place in January 2015, former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner was handed his sentence today in California.