Syrian Swimmer And Her Younger Brother Killed By Shelling In Aleppo

Young Syrian swimmer Mireille Hindoyan and her 12 year-old brother have both died due to heavy shelling in the city of Aleppo.

Hindoyan, who was a university student and sportswoman, was seriously injured after bombs were dropped on the Villi district of the city on Friday. She later died.

Her brother, Arman Hindoyan, also perished in the attack.

Facebook post by the Aleppo branch of the Armenian Youth Association confirmed Hindoyan’s death and offered condolences to her family. The post mentioned that Ms. Hindoyan was a “reliable and hard-working member of the sports committee”.

Although unconfirmed, there have been many claims the deaths were the result of a rebel-led attack.

Their mother was also in hospital with injuries after the attack. Two others died and at least seven more were injured.

Some social media posts suggest Hindoyan competed in national level competitions, though it is unconfirmed.

During the 2016 Rio Olympics ten refugee athletes were able to compete, including two Syrian athletes, both of whom were swimmers. Yusra Mardini competed in the women’s 100 free and fly while Rami Anis raced the same two events for the men.

Attacks have continued in Syria including an attack on the biggest hospital in Aleppo, as it was destroyed by multiple air strikes. The attack on the hospital comes amid a sustained assault by pro-Assad forces backed by Russian warplanes.

Read the full article from Independent here.



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3 years ago

Ridiculous senseless violence

3 years ago


3 years ago

Another tragic death…Without USA supplied arms and ammunition to various Islamic rebels groups the war in Syria would most likely end by now. None of the countries in the region where USA helped to overthrow the regime is better off as the result. Some of the supplied weapons will be used in the future to kill american citizens. The only reliable allies Kurds cannot be fully supported because of Turkey opposition.

Pepe the Frog
Reply to  Tom
3 years ago

Wow it’s so great that we have a military foreign policy expert reading SwimSwam! Thank you so much for translating this story in such simple terms so we can better understand it. Of course it has nothing to do with the unstoppable tide of radical Islam that has only grown in recent years–yet part of a global jihad which began over 1400 years ago.

But you’re probably right. It’s the USA’s fault that innocent people are dying in the Muslim world. Everyone would be so happy and get along great without us.

Build the wall.

Reply to  Pepe the Frog
3 years ago

Too general to call it “radical Islam”. The ideology is middle of the road Wahhabism/Salafism – Many Muslims argue Wahhabist-Sunni Islamic teachings are un-Islamic. Same with Ahmadiyya Muslims – The most beautifully peaceful people you could ever meet. Many Muslims regard Ahmadiyya as infidels and it’s in-fact banned in many Muslim countries as they do not believe Muhammad was Gods last messenger – Thereby his teachings are not Gospel to the Ahmadiyya community. An Ahmadiyya man was murdered in the UK last year by Wahhabist ‘taught’ Muslims for wishing Christians in his shop a happy Easter. My point – Islam is a very large, very vague blanket covering a group of over 1bn people, many of whom hold very different… Read more »

Reply to  Tom
3 years ago

Lack of guns doesn’t defeat an ideology – Especially when said ideology is backed by the most powerful families in the Arab world.

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