Sydney, Australia Swim Coach Arrested, Charged With Past Sexual Assaults

Swim coach Paul Frost – the son of Ian Thorpe‘s former coach Doug Frost – has been arrested and charged with grooming and sexually assaulting two boys between 1997 and 2003, Australian media report.

Paul Frost, 43, was arrested this week at his home in New South Wales, according to 7News reports that police received reports in August that two boys had been sexually assaulted between 1997 and 2003. The boys were 11 and 16 at the time and were members of a ‘swim squad’ training out of Padstow in southwestern Sydney. A superintendent for the Padstow pool told 7News that “these children clearly were members of a swim squad who somewhat were under the control of this person.”

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the alleged assaults happened at The Doug Frost Swim School. Police say Paul Frost was working part-time at the swim school at the time of the assaults.

The swim school is no longer open, but was the site where Doug Frost coached five-time Olympic champ Thorpe. Police say that Paul Frost was coaching the two boys at the time of the assaults. He’s been charged with 10 offenses, among them aggravated sexual assault of a child under 16.

Paul Frost is now due for another court appearance on September 26.

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Ice Age Swimmer
1 year ago

Uggg. Sometimes it feels like a plague. So glad they caught the guy. A male loved one of mine was victimized by a Boycott leader, and kept the secret for 40 years.

Bo Swims
Reply to  Ice Age Swimmer
1 year ago

Scout leader?

1 year ago


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