Swimquaintences: Blue Tide Aquatics on High School practices (Video)

What’s a Swimquaintence?

Whether you’re an athlete, coach, or parent, you’re at the pool for hours a week. Practice, meets, volunteering… you put in some serious time. And during that time, you meet other people who are putting in their time. Swimquaintences. We all have them.


Swimswam went to visit Blue Tide Aquatics in Houston, to talk with them about the effects from Hurricane Harvey. However, we also took the opportunity to ask them about their swimquaintences, and they were happy to share a few stories.

Swimming in high school is fun; there’s a lot of goofing off during practice and team bonding through grueling sets. The stories we heard from Blue Tide showcase that, and accentuate what makes swimming such an appealing and healthy outlet for a typical high schooler.

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Coleman Hodges

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