Swimoutlet.com Unveils 6th Annual 2018 Tech Suit Review

SwimOutlet.com, the web’s most popular swim shop is unveiling the web’s most popular tech suit review again this week with the sixth edition of the SwimOutlet.com Tech Suit Review. First started in 2013, the annual Tech Suit Review has become SwimOutlet.com’s most popular product category comparison test and is the go-to destination for customers and swimmers around the world to read independent opinions and reviews from experts about new racing suits from the leading brands every year.

The independent reviews and product testing were completed in February over a one month period by two-time gold medalist Mark Gangloff and Olympic Trials and NCAA finalist Julie Stupp, who together have each now tested over 40 suits in their five-plus years of testing and comparing suits.

“Our customers and swim fans all over the world have come to trust the terrific analysis, sizing advice and overall impressions from our two reviewers while researching their tech suit purchase,” said Alexander Sienkiewicz, Chief Marketing Officer at SwimOutlet.com. “There are some groundbreaking new elite tech suits to hit the market this year after a quiet post-Olympic season, and the 2018 Tech Suit Review should be one of the key resources — but not the only resource — to assist swimmers in their tech suit purchase.”

The reviewers each get product briefings on the new suits and then test them over multiple sessions assessing the suits for size/fit, material construction and performance in the water. Following the 2017 Tech Suit Review, which focused on suits in the under $150 price range, this year’s review returns to the high-end of elite level tech suits like the first four years of the review.

The product highlights from the 2018 Tech Suit Review include:

  • The most advanced tech suits ever launched by two well-known swim brands — with both the Dolfin LightStrike and FINIS Rival featured in the review and highlighted by their innovative fabrics.

  • The A3 Performance VICI making A3 Performance brand’s second-ever appearance in the Tech Suit Review.

  • The recently-launched arena R-EVO, known for its design made from a single piece of fabric to minimize seams.

  • The global debut and sneak peek at both the Funkita/Funky Trunks Apex Predator and the Jaked JKOMP prior to their release and availability on the market later this spring.

Read the 2018 Tech Suit Review

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Steve Nolan
6 years ago

The “The Jaked JKOMP” sounds awful lot like Jackie Jormp-Jomp: http://www.criticalcommons.org/Members/ironman28/clips/30rockJanisMontageH264.mov/view