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SwimSpray (SPRY) member Abby Nunn recently started a blog called SwimMD about her unique life as a die-hard swimmer and medical student. According to Abby, it describes “My journey though open water races up and down the USA; with some training, coaching, and studying of medicine in between!”

Abby is about two months away from finishing her first year of medical school at UVA. When she’s not studying, Abby is either coaching the Charlottesville YMCA Aquatic Club (CYAC) or training on her own, for long distance open water swims.

Last week, in between her coursework, coaching and time at the hospital, Abby swam 55,000 yards, including 12,500 yards in a single session. Her blog has some tips for getting through long workouts.

Last summer, as a gift for graduating Yale, Abby’s parents entered her in the epic 28.5 mile Manhattan Island Swim.  About halfway through the race, in the Harlem River, Abby swam into a car tire, injuring her arm.  “I didn’t see it coming at all,” Abby recalls, “but there was no way I was stopping.”

Instead, Abby shared a laugh with her parents, who rode along beside her in the support boat. “I looked up and my dad was laughing,” “he kept saying, ‘go find the rest of the car,’ you know, because I just hit a tire.”  Despite her accident at half-way, her time of 7:30:26 was the fastest in the race, solo or team.

This Summer, Abby will likely focus on the the 12.5 mile Swim around Key West and the 10-mile Kingdom Swim in VT.

She will also compete in some local events in Virginia, such as the Chris Green Lake Swim and the Jim McDonnell Lake Swim.

SwimSpray is a proud to support Abby’s incredible swimming career by keeping her chlorine free away from the pool.

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Glenn Pribus
5 years ago

Abby swims in the next lane over from me at ACAC Downtown Charlottesville.. She swims about 2.5 times faster than I can. All I see of her is a blast of bubbles as she goes by. But she is about 24 and I am almost 77. That’s my excuse. Her workouts give her a well toned body with about 0.0 fat content. Me I have lost some height and stuff has moved down so I am far from well toned and my fat content is nobody’s business but mine. But back in the day it was darned good but not 0.0. Glenn Pribus

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