Swimming Power Harness: Drive With The Shoulders

Courtesy of Swim Smart, a SwimSwam partner.

The Swimming Power Harness is an upgrade to the typical waist belt used by parachutes and Power Towers. Waist belts allow for bad body position and don’t help train a driving stroke.

The Power Harness forces the swimmer’s upper body to drive to the other wall in a straight line rather than let it bob up and down aimlessly. It helps swimmers feel their power through the shoulders, giving them valuable feedback. This is the next step in resistance training!

Don’t have a long course pool to prepare for the Trials? No Problem! Add the Parachute and Weight combo and make any short pool feel Olympic sized!

  • Quickly clip in and out with an aluminum anti-rust carabiner
  • Versatile use with Power Towers, parachutes, cords or stationary ropes
  • Reversable for backstroke training
  • One size fits all harness
  • Soft neoprene shoulder sleeves that don’t inhibit technique
  • Add a Chute and 2lb Weight right from the e-store

Get the Swimming Power Harness Here!


“This swimming power harness has absolutely changed the way I’ve been able to practice in swim practice. We have created work-outs specifically to revolve around these parachutes and they work great! They’re not annoying and get in your way like the typical parachute and are very customizable for anyone. I love my swimming power harness and I would highly recommend it!”

– Josie Thomas

“As a coach, I like what I see in the water when my swimmers use the Power Harness. Our training is more technically sound and therefore more effective…

It is pretty durably constructed and comes with a carabiner so that you can attach it to parachutes, power towers, StretchCordz, buckets, or whatever form of in-water resisted training you do. You can also choose to buy it with a parachute and/or a weight. I don’t have a large budget for training equipment, but after trying the Power Harness I have already bought 9 of these so we can have a bunch of swimmers using it at the same time.”

– Ryan Woodruff, head coach of the Lynchburn (Virginia) YMCA and founder of the Swimming Wizard and author of The Quotable Swimming Coach

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Swim Smart was founded by Karl Hamouche and Mike Peterson. We are coaches fixing swimming problems. Every product we created was to help our own kids improve and we hope they can help your swimmers too! At the core of everything we do, we just want swimmers and coaches to be more engaged in workout. That way, no matter what’s written on the board it will be a great set.

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