SwimmersBest Methods To Build Speed In And Out Of Turn

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October 30th, 2017 Drill of the Month

Swimming gear info courtesy of SwimmersBest, a SwimSwam partner.

In response to the constant need for ways to train swimmers to race into and out of their turns, SwimmersBest has developed the 1SwimChute with a range of flexibility. The unique parachute replaces the 4 different sizes (8”, 10”, 12”, and 18”) of standard chutes. It has a center attachment on top and bottom of the chute so that you can daisy-chain several chutes together. By connecting 3-4 chutes of increasing sizes, the 1SwimChute acts like a Power Tower or long stretch cord.

However, with 3-4 increasing sizes connected, you must build power into each wall, as opposed to the other options, which offer a “free ride” every other pool length. The 1SwimChute helps increase speed into the turns by making you work harder into each wall because of the increasing drag resistance, as each increasingly larger chute deploys.

The chute helps breakout power because it allows you to add any length of tether and attach a weight on the pool deck. By dialing in the tether length and weight, it can create resistance at the point of the breakout. The 1SwimChute increases breakout speed by increasing the resistance off the wall.

The 1SwimChute includes large carabiners which allow the chute to attach under most kickboards and allows a 1” pipe to be used as a handle. By using a floating PVC pipe as a handle, you can vary sets by dropping the chute in the middle of the pool and easily picking it back up after an ‘easy’ interval. PVC pipes/handle can be hooked on top of the feet for vertical sculling and pull sets.

In addition to these unique uses, the 1SwimChute can be used as a traditional chute. The 1SwimChute Kit includes the 1SwimBelt, which is a long-lasting, durable belt that mates with most other equipment. The optional SwimmersBest Tether Float is the first float designed specifically for parachutes. It is flattened to ensure that it tracks straight and highly buoyant to hold up even the heaviest chute. Another optional parachute accessory is their Drag Tether Kit which includes a 30’ and two 10’ tether straps to allow a wide range of combinations of uses.


SwimmersBest is leading the way for the future of swim training equipment.  The company offers a broad range of solutions for improving stroke technique, kick technique, and breathing technique.   They provide swimmers, coaches, and teams with the tools they need to balance technique training with conditioning training.  By combining the best drills with the best tools, the SwimmersBest products give swimmers instant tactile feedback so they can adjust their technique efficiently.   The old way of having coaches constantly remind swimmers of their individual problems has proven to offer very little improvement in technique.  All SwimmersBest products are designed to constantly ‘talk to the swimmers’ so they can feel the problems and make corrections.   This unique approach means the swimmers are given negative feedback for incorrect stroke technique, which compels the swimmers to quickly correct the problem on their own. With a constant flow of new innovative product designs, SwimmersBest is a company that will continue to deliver solutions you need.

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Swimming gear news courtesy of SwimmersBest, a SwimSwam partner. 

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