Swim Training: Challenge The Norm of Underwater Kicking

Swim Training is courtesy of FINIS, a SwimSwam partner.

This week, challenge yourself to branch out from the typical underwater kick set, usually involving some combination of fins and endless 25s. During your next underwater kicking session, turn up the intensity and dial in on body position by incorporating the Alignment Kickboard.

When kicking underwater with theAlignment Kickboard, the body is forced to press downward on the upward floatation of the board, adding an extra strength-building component to any kick set. The added intensity of the kick places more demand on the legs, lats, lungs and core - making for an efficient use of warmup time before a main set, or a way to add a little something extra to the end of a workout. Furthermore, the lightweight, streamlined design of the Alignment Kickboard allows for variety within the set. While working on underwater kicking, mix in single arm drills and side kicking to give the legs and lungs some well-deserved rest.

Need some inspiration? Try the set below - mix and match to best fit your training:

2 Rounds with Alignment Kickboard (1000 yards/meters)
4 x 25 Side Kick
4 x 25 Kick, 10 dolphin kicks underwater then streamline kick on back for the remainder of the 25
2 x 50 Flutter Kick on Stomach
4 x 25 Underwater Kick, entire 25 or as far as possible
1 x 100 Single Arm Freestyle

See the Alignment Kickboard  on this video below courtesy of GoSwim:

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