Swim England Working to Shrink Its 11% Gender Pay Gap

In a recent report published by Swim England, the organization revealed that despite efforts to diminish the gender pay gap, male workers are still paid 11% more than female workers across the board. Nationally, the gender pay gap in England rests at 18%, meaning men in the workplace are paid 18% more than their female counterparts, on average. Swim England had 468 workers included in the report.

Interestingly, however, Swim England also points out that the mid-point or median pay gap between male and female workers currently sits at -9%, as compared to a national average of +10%. In other words, the “50% female” makes 9% more than the “50% male” at Swim England, implying that female workers in the middle of the Swim England employment pay ranges make more than their male counterparts do.

Swim England’s CEO Jane Nickerson commented that “Sports governance has traditionally been male orientated but this is definitely changing. I am proud to lead Swim England, and to have helped develop our inclusive flexible working policies and staff development programmes.”

Swim England employs significantly more women than men in every quartile of pay. Women outnumber men 2-to-1 in the “Upper Middle” range, while the split is an even 50/50 in the Upper Quartile. Overall, the organization employs 56% women and 44% men.

The seemingly sudden reveal of gender pay gaps is not the work of a group of activist CEOs, but rather a response to a new British law that requires all companies employing more than 250 people to provide data about their gender pay gaps, as well as the proportion of male and female employees in different pay groups. These companies are also required to report on the gender bonus gap; however, according to Swim England, no bonuses were paid during the reporting period, meaning there is no published data for this often integral portion of an employee’s wages. According to The Guardian, the new legislation will require around 9,000 companies which collectively employ more than 15 million people to publicize their gender pay gaps.

A February 28th report by The Guardian charts nearly 1,300 British companies and their respective gender pay gaps. While more than 7,000 more companies are yet to report (as of February 28th), the trend on the graph shows that vastly more companies pay men more than women; however, there are companies that report women receiving higher wages than men. Meanwhile, more than 200 companies have reported a gender wage gap of between +1 and -1 percent, meaning that those on the positive spectrum pay male employees no more than 1% more than their female counterparts, whereas those on the negative end pay their female employees no more than 1% more than men also working at those companies.

Other than Nickerson, prominent female figures within Swim England include Melanie Marshall, coach of Olympic gold medalist Adam Peaty at Loughborough National Swimming Center, as well as new Board of Directors members Alison Breadon, Caroline Green, Sarah Gregory, and Sue Smith, alongside the aforementioned Breadon.

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Caeleb Dressel Will Win 9 Gold Medals in Tokyo

O god. People still believe in this?


You and SirSwimsalot would be great friends

Steve Nolan

That he couldn’t figure out how to post a link to a Google Doc, but instead posted his password – and thus let me find emails from Imgur banning him for repeatedly posting a rape gif – is maybe the funniest single thing that I’ve ever been a part of on this site.


There is an 11% gap, you might believe it has reasonable justifications, but the existence of the gap is a statistical fact.

Caeleb Dressel Will Win 9 Gold Medals in Tokyo

The gap exists, but men and women who have the same jobs, and work the same hours will earn the same money.

Steve Nolan

There are literally reams of studies saying the exact opposite of what you’re saying.


Steve Nolan – CDWW9GMIT is correct when it comes to UK law. It’s been illegal to pay different amounts to different genders for same job there since 1970.

Sir Swimsalot

Yup. Ridiculous, I know. Been debunked so many times

Caeleb Dressel Will Win 9 Gold Medals in Tokyo

Somebody disliked this because they don’t like facts.


Ummmm how about employers should be able to pay other people however much they want. If the person doing the job thinks they’re worth more, they can go somewhere else.


I agree minimum wage is such a government overstep. Also dude you are so right if they think they aren’t getting paid enough at swim England just move to another country and work for their organization


I did go to another country, where gender equality is globally hailed as a leading factor in this culture. I am now leaving this country, discovering that male head coaches, not-foreign coaches, are +always+ paid at least 25% more than foreign coaches, and for less job hours. The male, not-foreign coach replacing me, with vastly less education and experience (he has never been a full-time coach in a single club, though he has worked full-time hours in two organizations, who has far far less achievements, far far less education, but hey: he is male and native) will be earning, annually, 35% more than me. In a country known globally as leading gender equity in all areas. This isn’t a “country”… Read more »


The civil rights act shouldn’t extend to wages right?

Scott Morgan

There is in place Kennedy’s Equal Pay Act, and Obama’s Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which is an attempt to help enforce it. Still a long way to go.

About Reid Carlson

Reid Carlson

Reid Carlson originally hails from Clay Center, Kansas, where he began swimming at age six.  At age 14 he began swimming club year-round and later with his high school team, making state all four years.  He was fortunate enough to draw the attention of Kalamazoo College where he went on to …

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