Strapless Paddles Safer & More Effective

Courtesy of FINIS, a SwimSwam Partner.

The strapless Agility Paddles from FINIS have been extremely popular since their inception. Truly, doing more with less is an extremely satisfying experience for its users. Swimmers are no longer forced to tighten or replace the elastic straps on their favorite paddles. Doing without the straps is also the healthier alternative, as the user is asked to maintain even pressure on the palm throughout the entry, catch, and swimming motion.

The Agility Paddle was designed only slightly larger than the hand for a very specific reason. Swimming with large, bulky paddles puts strain on the shoulder joint and can damage or wear down the swimmer over longer intervals of training. Overuse or any incorrect stroke mechanics over thousands of repetitions is a proven recipe for injury and loss of efficiency in training.

With the strapless Agility Paddles, you are instructed to swim with the correct form in order to keep the paddles in place. You swim in a pattern that is most applicable to your normal swimming stroke, as the paddles are not large enough to create inconsistencies. The swimmer will build muscular endurance through repeating the correct muscular movements at the appropriate level of resistance. The Agility Paddles ensure that the swimmer will continue to improve and will remain in the water and away from the doctor’s office.

Fan of Our Paddles? Please vote for the strapless Agility Paddle in the 2013 WOWSA Offering of the Year. Help the world of Open Water go strapless!

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9 years ago

I use to have web flexible hand paddles in the 70ś after Junior College
when I was into Masters swimming.
Who is making them again I could never find them after that & they did your great with no shoulder pain. They were called web hands then or web pull paddles then. I think TYR made them. Who makes then today in 2013??? what is the Brand & name of the product exactly. Thanks Ray Miller at: [email protected]