Single Day Tickets for 2020 US Olympic Swimming Trials Go on Sale

Single day tickets for the 2020 U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials are now on sale, well ahead of the originally-announced February date, USA Swimming announced on Friday. The meet will be held from Sunday, June 21st through Sunday, June 28th in Omaha, Nebraska.

Only a few tickets are still available for single-day purchasers, all of which are in the 2nd deck of the 17,000-plus seat Chi Health Center – the same venue that has hosted every Olympic Swimming Trials dating back to 2008. The vast majority of tickets still available are on the endcaps of either the start or turn ends, though a few “profile view” seats are still listed. In total, it’s estimated that each of the 8 days of the meet has less than 1,500 tickets available, with more seats available for mid-week dates.

The available seats range from $59 to $74, which includes admission to both the prelims and finals sessions for that day. Individual tickets are selling at about a 30% premium as compared to the price of full-meet packages. The resale market for tickets on secondary marketplaces like StubHub is already up and running, with tickets available both above and below face value.

If tickets finish selling out before the end of 2019, it will be by-far the earliest that they’ve sold out.

“The demand for Olympic Trials tickets has been strong since day one, and it’s possible tickets for all eight days of competition could be sold by the end of the year,” USA Swimming COO Mike Unger said. “The 2020 Trials is shaping up to be our most successful ever.”

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Braden – are you guys posting an OT count down click on home page? It’s like waiting for one of my kids to be born. Like not as exciting but close-ish.




They really should leave portions of the arena out of such early sales. Makes it hard for parents to see their kid who qualifies later in the qualifying period, unless the bite the bullet and buy early without knowing for sure if their kid is attending. Just don’t think its right. Leaves room for price hikes and scalpers.

Inclusive Parent

Based on the last SwimSwam estimate, you’re only talking about 300 new qualifiers… And you are right, these are not families wanting to invest in 8 day passes, or even one day purchases if they don’t know if their kids are going to make it. And they will absolutely want to be there. But I guess StubHub will get their pound of flesh from these families. Real shame… With 17k+ seats, holding out 250 for each session just doesn’t seem that risky for the venue or USAS.




I’d complain about the hotel situation way before I’d be worried about a few $25 prelim tickets. Lets face the fact that these late qualifiers are not ever going swim in the evening and they may just swim one event. A family that follows their swimmer to Omaha for this is going to be shelling out big bucks for their 60 seconds of glory.

Speed Racer

Hotels are listing as sold out through the USA Site and hotels that have rooms are charging 300-400 a night.


It may not be a big deal for the armchair quarterbacks who comment here, but swimming prelims at trials is going to be a HUGE thing for most of the swimmers there. I’m sure lots of them have families who would love to cheer them on.


I agree. For some this is a childhood dream/ goal they have worked hard for.

NZ Swim

This should be live streamed worldwide why isnt it?

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