Sarah Sjostrom in Film to Help Raise Awareness for Childhood Cancer

Sarah Sjöström, Swedish star and multiple-time World Champion, is featured in a new film intended to raise awareness for childhood cancer. Sjostrom is also currently competing in the European Championships in London. The reigning 50 and 100 meter butterfly World Champion won the 50 fly on day 2 of the European Championships, and is also looking to capture the 100 fly on day 4.

The film features Sjostrom and an 8 year old timid, but gleeful child named Nike who went through treatment for a brain tumor. Nike was diagnosed with brain cancer in October of 2014, and since then has responded positively to the treatment. Now, Nike is healthier than ever, but must take medication to aid her hormone functions, which were damaged by the tumor.

The campaign was recently launched by Barncancerfonden, or the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation. The films intention is to use Sjostrom’s star power and Nike’s heart-wrenching story to encourage more people to support the fight against childhood cancer by becoming donors and supporters.

During Nike’s treatment, she frequently swam in the hospital’s therapy pool. Her love for the water was evident during the filming of the commercial with Sjostrom, and apparently, before recording, Nike was so excited about the shoot that she had a hard time keeping the film a secret.

The film is called “Nike and Sarah Sjostrom” and contains English subtitles. The advertising agency that the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation utilized is called INGO, and the director of the film is Johan Tappert.

If this film inspires you to donate to the cause, click here

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Lane Four
4 years ago

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Well done, Sarah. I was already a fan but that just went up 100 points. Bravo.

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