RYTE Sport: Olympic Medalist Tony Azevedo Discusses His Newest Projects

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December 12th, 2019 Gear, Video, Water Polo

The Azevedo Water Polo ball has new innovative features such as hand buffed grip, larger and more pronounced grip channels so the ball doesn’t fade as fast, and optic yellow color for better visibility in the water. According to Tony Azevedo, it is unfortunate that balls are so expensive and don’t last long enough. With these updates, Tony feels the sport is taking some steps in the right direction. “I look at other major sports around the world and if you ever want to get to that level you need competition for all of us to grow”. With a brand like RYTE Sport backing the ball, he is excited to create healthy competition, give back to the community, and grow the sport.

Courtesy: Minette Rubin and RYTE Sport

Another focus for Azevedo is 6-8 Sports with Maggie Steffens 2X Olympic Gold Medalist & and USA Women’s Water Polo Team Captain. Steffens and Azevedo recognize that to take their sport to the next level, there needs to be more innovation and advancements in technology. The pair have created the 6-8 app to collect and record game and performance statistics and provide training videos in and out of the water that focus on improving techniques, strengthening, and injury prevention. The app is currently available on the App Store.

Courtesy: Minette Rubin and RYTE Sport

The last topic discussed in the interview is Azevedo’s international All-Star training camp. Last year’s trip was such a success, Azevedo plans to host it annually. By attending one of his camps athletes are automatically eligible to be selected as one of the 14 girls and 14 boys to be invited on this trip. You can learn more about the trip, the new Azevedo Water Polo, and the 6-8 app by watching the full interview with Tony Azevedo below. Shop Tony Azevedo‘s collection at www.rytesport.com!

Courtesy of Ryte Sport, a SwimSwam partner.

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