Ryan Lochte Relies on GMX7 Resistance Swim Training With The X1-Pro

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November 09th, 2020 Gear, Industry, News, Training

GMX7 is proud to have twelve-time Olympic medalist, Ryan Lochte in the GMX7 Family.  A swimming legend with 90 major international medals won (54 gold, 22 silver, and 14 bronze), Lochte is the second-most decorated Olympic swimmer of all time. Currently training with the X1-PRO for this 5th Olympics,  he is a natural fit for the GMX7 Team.

3-time Olympic Coach and former University of Florida head Coach, Gregg Troy, has guided Lochte’s career for nearly 15 years. Coach Troy said:  “Ryan’s training has been consistent and directed. Due to the X1-PRO’s transportability, our ability to train resistance throughout the pandemic has been key. In preparing to make his 5th Olympics, GMX7 and Ryan are a great fit and will help Ryan accomplish amazing things, I am very proud of Ryan.”

At 36 years old, Lochte will have spent half of his life as an active Olympian which is a testament to his unparalleled abilities. With his sights on the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo, he is relying on the X1-PRO to get him to the gold yet again.

“It’s an honor to be associated with GMX7,” said Lochte. “The X1-PRO is the best resistance training tool I have ever encountered throughout my swimming career. This device is a game-changer for all types of swimmers. If you don’t have one you are falling behind.”

The GMX7 family believes that Lochte will not only make his fifth career Olympics but that he will stand atop the podium with another gold medal and world record in the 200 individual medley.

“To have Ryan as a member of the GMX7 family is an honor, his undeniable talent and accomplishments are what drew us to Ryan, however, it is his character and integrity that truly sets Ryan apart,” said GMX7 Founder and CEO David McCagg.


Founded in 2018, GMX7 exists to change the world of swimming by empowering swimmers with the best aquatic resistance training device ever created, the X1-PRO.

GMX7 founder, David McCagg, is a 7-time Gold Medalist, former World Record holder and winner of multiple National Championships.

Thinking back to his time training under elite Olympic swimming coaches David knew his success and the success of others boiled down to one thing: how they trained in the water. Revitalized by this, his passion for the sport was more focused than ever: to forever change how athletes approached training.


Have you ever tried fitting a power tower in your back pocket? The X1-PRO is lightweight and compact enough that it fits easily in your backpack, so you can travel with it wherever your swimming takes you. We are tired of parachutes (limited adjustment options for resistance), heavy water belts (that travel nowhere), and stretch cords that sometimes break. That’s why we decided to challenge the resistance industry and create the X1-PRO! The X1-PRO is an innovative aquatic resistance training device designed with swimmers of all levels in mind. Stepping into modern technology, the patent pending X1-PRO provides smooth, bidirectional resistance, allowing the swimmer to train with adjustable resistance through limitless workout options. Additionally, the device’s constant resistance provides instant self-correction of technique, improving stroke efficiency. Try this revolutionary device yourself, and see the endless possibilities!


Since 1975, aquatic resistance training has been stuck in the past, using archaic training methods that mostly rely on conventional dryland practices. On top of it being old and outdated, they’re expensive and do little to help swimmers develop for the water. Plus, these devices are too restricting, lacking versatility and portability.

That’s why GMX7 created the X1-PRO, using innovation to grant swimmers the ability to train in the water more efficiently, safely and affordably. Making the X1-PRO the most effective training solution for the water.

The X1-PRO helps swimmers reach a deeper level of possibilities with their swimming. Designed through years of experience, by a team of professionals, the X1-PRO is a patent-pending breakthrough solution for innovative cardio and resistance training for swimmers of all kinds.


“The X-1 PRO has been an invaluable tool in many ways for our Team Elite Professional and Age group swimmers at StingRay aquatics. The smooth consistent resistance can be dialed up for challenging short blast efforts or can be dialed down to add a small load. In addition, our swimmers are constantly using the device to work on stoke corrections. I have my X1-PRO’s in the water daily and it has been a tremendous addition to our program.”

David Marsh, 5-time Olympic Coach, Head Coach Team Elite, Head Coach of ISL’s Pro Franchise LA Current

“GMX7 and David McCagg have created something very special in the X1-PRO. The features are insane and every athlete needs to be resistance training on it!”

Mark Schubert, 8-time Olympic Coach, Head Coach Mission Viejo Nadadores

“GMX7 is changing the landscape of resistance training forever. The X1-PRO is a GAME CHANGER and our pro’s trust in the results they’ll achieve with the X1-PRO.”

Gregg Troy, 3-time Olympic Coach, Head Coach of the ISL Pro Franchise Cali Condors

“From the beginning I had the pleasure of watching and testing the new X1-PRO through its entire inception and design .  GMX7 and David McCagg have definitely developed a new product that will revolutionize resistance training for everyone.  Age group through international level competitors will benefit greatly from this new invention.  We have been using it with our swimmers for some time now and with it being fully available it will become the center piece for our resistance training.”

Ira Klein, Head Coach Sarasota Tsunami Swim Team, 2-time past President American Swimming Coaches Association, Coached over 100 USA Swimming National, NCAA, YMCA & National Age Group Champions



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