Russia To Send Over Half of National Team to Race in Mare Nostrum Series (France and Spain)

The Mare Nostrum series in 2014 looks like it will be as elevated of a series as ever, and the Russians have brought some great depth with the announcement that nearly 30 members of the Russian National Team will participate in the last two stops in Canet and Barcelona.

The 2014 series will begin on June 7th and 8th in Monaco, and the Russians will begin their participation on the 11th and 12th in Canet en Roussillon, France, followed by June 14th and 15th in Barcelona, Spain.

While some of Russia’s biggest household names will be absent (Morozov, Danila Izotov, the suspended Yulia Efimova), there will be a number of stars and stars-in-the-making present for the meets. That includes Artem Lobuzov, who was on Russia’s World Championship silver-medal-winning 800 free relay at World’s last year; National Record holder Veronika Popova; and rising junior swimmers Maria Baklakova and both of the Daria Ustinovas.

In total, three-fourths of the Russian women’s 400 free relay from Barcelona will be at the Mare Nostrum. This is likely to be the same relay for the European Championships this summer.

1. Andrusenko Vyacheslav (1992, MSIC, St. Petersburg) 
2. Dmitry Gorbunov (1991, MSIC, Penza region) 
3. Vsevolod Zanko (1995, MSIC, Moscow)
4. Nikita Konovalov (1988, MSIC, Volgograd region) 
5. Red Alexander (1995, MSIC, Tatarstan) 
6. Kudashev Alexander (1995, MSIC, Samara Region) 
7. Lobuzov Artem (1991, MSIC, Moscow) 
8. Andrei Nikolaev (1992, MSIC, St. Petersburg) 
9. Palatov Alexander (1995, MSIC, Volgograd region) 
10. Prigoda Kirill (1995, MSIC, St. Petersburg) 
11. Prudnikov Vyacheslav (1993, MSIC, St. Petersburg) 
12. Tihobaev Oleg (1991, MSIC, St. Petersburg) 
13. Ulyanov Nikita (1994, MSIC, Yugra) 
14. Grigory Falko (1987, weathering, Moscow) 
15. Khomenko Ilya (1995, MSIC, Rostov region) 
16. Schabas Andrew (1994, MSIC, St. Petersburg) 
17. Baklakova Maria (1997, MSIC, Perm region) 
18. Anna Egorova (1998, MS, Novgorod region) 
19. Mullakaeva Daria (1998, MS, Perm region) 
20. Nesterov Margarita (1989, MSIC, Belgorod region) 
21. Veronika Popova (1991, MSIC, St. Petersburg) 
22. Prikhodko Irina (1998, MS, Tatarstan) 
23. Salamatina Valeria (1998, MSIC, Sverdlovsk region) 
24. Tomashevskaya Ekaterina (1998, Stavropol) 
25. Ustinov Daria (1998, MSIC, Sverdlovsk region) 
26. Ustinov Daria (1998, MS, Saint-Petersburg)
27. Svetlana Chimrova (for Barcelona only)
28. Rosalia Nasretdinoa (for Barcelona only)

1. Papusha Alexander (1993, MSIC, Moscow)
2. Yevgeny Sedov (1996, MSIC, Volgograd region)

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8 years ago

Why are comments closed for that futuristic way to train using google glasses or a Jordi visor or whatever it is? It really seems interesting. Can we hijack this thread to discuss the topic?

bobo gigi
8 years ago

Half of the Russian national team in France?
Hopefully our anti-doping national agency is ready to work hard! 😆

Reply to  bobo gigi
8 years ago

FINA is located in France so they better watch out!

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