Post Race Interviews: Men 200 Freestyle Final [Videos]

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Lochte is making me sick and tired of his I know I can go way faster. Just give it a rest. You are a really good swimmer, but you might have to eat your words in London… it’s better to be humble and impress when it really matters. Happy for Phelps win! Congratulations to Lochte as well.

I agree, he is getting more and more full of himself. Good chance it will come back to haunt him in London. The guy only performs spectacular at one meet per year, the double taper has never worked to well for him. That’s what separates him from Phelps in terms of being one of the greatest athletes/olympians in history.

Detract the claws. I will remind you of how horribly “out of shape” Phelps was last summer as he swam his lifetime best in the 200 IM.

Mia, You have to listen to him. He was being critical of how he raced and making fun of himself a bit for going out like he did.. Its hard to really read someone during an interview where they just got out of the pool after a 200 free or fault him for not having a bit of fun with the media when they continue to ask the questions that they do. He said he learned from it, that he has to take it out faster. I, as a fan, want to here a big swimmer say he knows he can go faster. That’s the kind of confidence you want, especially from someone who is going to be a major… Read more »
Justin Thompson

Good article over at about how Lochte and Phelps are going out too slow and trying to run each other down at the end. I guess both Bowman and Troy spoke to each other and their swimmers about it, and every one agrees they can’t continue to do that in Omaha. Both swimmers look great, but not particularly sharp so I expect to see much better times next month.

Yes, that article and the swimnews article right before it confirmed that Phelps and Lochte were not “coasting”, they really wanted to beat each other.

” As he spoke to the media he was struggling to catch his breath, somewhat taken aback by “the slow times”. The time was off but the intensity of the battle with Lochte is immense. “


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