+ POOL Wants to Build a 50 Meter Pool in NYC’s East River

If you’ve ever been to New York City and thought about swimming in the East River, you probably got close enough to see the water and thought to yourself, “Nope.”  + POOL is on a mission to change that.  They want to build a giant, plus -shaped pool in the middle of the East River. The pool will be filled with filtered water from the river, essentially creating a giant pool Brita filter to keep the garbage, sediment and dead mobsters out.

This idea is so crazy it just might work.  They already have a long list of supporters and their advisory board includes local politicians among other prominent figures.  They have already run successful filtration tests and are dangerously close to reaching their next funding goal.

The pool will be 50m in each direction and four lanes wide in each arm, making for some potentially epic races if it’s ever used for competition.  The pool will be five feet deep an segmented, as seen below, into different sections for different uses.

To fund their crazy, albeit seemingly extremely well-thought-out scheme, + POOL is running a series of Kickstarter campaigns based around individuals and groups sponsoring individualized, engraved tiles to be used in the pool’s construction.  One copy of the tile will be sent to the sponsors and one copy will be used in the pool’s construction.  Once all 70,000 pool tiles are sponsored, + POOL will have the full budget necessary to build the pool.  Their current campaign is focused on raising money for a “Float Lab” to be built this summer to test the materials and construction for the concept.

For those of you who don’t know about Kickstarter yet, it’s fairly simple.  Start-ups like + POOL use Kickstarter to crowd fund projects and launch their ideas off the ground.  Basically, you pledge a certain amount of money, which you only pay if the project ends up reaching its goal and getting funded.  In return for pledging, you receive a token reward (pool tile here) based on the amount of your pledge.  In this case, the project is nearly funded, but only has a short period of time left to raise pledges (until Friday morning at 10:30 am Eastern), so they really need your support.  Check out their promo video below and visit the + POOL Kickstarter page here for more info about the project and ways to help them out.

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Innovation! That’s what makes America GREAT!

I don’t know if this is so much American innovation…France has been doing this for at least 100 years.

Lane Four

Great idea but seriously? An open pool on the East River in New York in Fall and Winter? If this is just for leisure maybe, but…..I need to be convinced.


I like the idea… but what about how cold it can get there and what about the boats? If it does happen though I definitely want to go swim it!

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