Plans revealed for River-filtering + Pool in New York City’s East River

+Pool, the floating, river water-filtering pool in New York City’s East River that we reported on last summer (and then followed up on here) is taking a big step forward.

Official plans for the ground-breaking (or perhaps water-breaking) new pool have been revealed, NY1 reports.

The pool is designed to be a plus-shaped pool, with each long portion stretching 50 meters. It’s being primarily crowd-funded, after raising over $270,000 on Kickstarter last year.

The proposed pool will float on the surface of the East River and will filter the river’s water for use inside the pool. Organizers have preliminary structure called “Float Lab” which they will launch in the river to test the filtration system before actual construction is begun on the pool.

According to NY1, the +Pool organizers have also connected with Google to add an interactive dashboard that will let New Yorkers check in on the river’s water quality at any time.

You can see more images and read more about the +Pool concept on its website here.

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bobo gigi
6 years ago

Organize the world championships in that pool!
With the audience in floating stands around the pool!

Reply to  bobo gigi
6 years ago

It’d be like the quidditch stadium of swimming! 🙂
But seriously, what a cool idea.

6 years ago

Are they going to plan on having an enclosure for this?
Find it hard to believe many people will want to use this pool in February if it’s not enclosed.

6 years ago

I immediately thought of Kramer , but then again , he went swimming in the Hudsen because he did not want to pay .

Reply to  JG
6 years ago

and the only other people swimming in there were just floating in their clothes? something like that

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