Phelps, Bowman, Design Signature Swim Spas for Backyard Training

Braden Keith
by Braden Keith 9

November 05th, 2010 Industry

In the latest big marketing deal for Michael Phelps, after announcing his Under Armour endorsement earlier this year, he has thrown his name behind Master Spa’s line of backyard endless-style pool.

While an already very-wealthy man making even more money might draw a yawn from most of the swimming community, this particular endorsement is actually quite interesting, and borderline exciting. That’s because these pools are designed to allow for actual backyard swim training.

Of course, these sort of pools have existed in the past. But they have been mostly aimed at those seeking general fitness. I have given a few swim lessons in those kind of pool, and they make it quite difficult to do any sort of training or maintain good technique. But the Master Spas line is supposed to be geared towards more competitive swimmers. Phelps and his coach Bob Bowman worked with engineers to design the pools, and if they are as good as advertised, they could open up opportunities for backyard training to people who otherwise would be unable to do so.

These pools will come with a number of other neat features that could be useful to a competitive swimmer, including a “rowing kit” and resistance bands.

The spas come in 6 different models, which range in cost from $25,000-$45,000. I’m not totally sold yet that it’s worth that kind of money, but I’m definitely intrigued by the idea. Phelps has said about the pools that “One of the biggest goals I have in my career is to grow the sport of swimming in as many ways as possible, and the ability to partner with Master Spas’ to create a signature line of swim spas is another unique way to help the sport.” This is indeed a noble goal, and if these spas live up to the hype, they could really bring new swimming opportunities many, especially in urban and suburban areas where space is the limiting factor.

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I can only imagine if someone of his size can fit in one and do fly that it should be of decent quality for the rest of society to use. Can’t imagine you get much for 45K in terms of a endless pool. After being at Ball State seeing the size of their beast to get water to minute pace for yards and the three story behemoth to get the water up to WR pace that used to be the at Center in Colorado Springs, what could you really get out of something like this that doesn’t take up that much space? Furthermore, this isn’t much to ‘grow the sport’. Someone who can drop 45K on a hot tub with… Read more »

How on earth do they plan on making money selling $45k swimming pools to rich swimmers. How many are there anyway?

I have no idea who advises Phelps, but I don’t get him at all. He is a super star with an incredible brand. The best he can do is hot tubs?

Now that said, I want one!


I’m not rich but, I want one bad. I will attempt to buy one in my lifetime, I trust his standard of quality and don’t think he is making a bad decision or being greedy. So, if you don’t like it then just don’t buy it, no reason to judge or begrudge. We can all make better decisions all the time and, work harder to do better all the time. This guy is an multi medal Olympic winner, I think he generally knows what he’s doing. With that being said, I will start putting away a little bit at a time. I’ll have one.

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