Pennsylvania HS Coach Admits Attempting To Seduce Swimmer

A former swim coach at Pennsylvania’s Malvern Preparatory School has been given five years probation and must register as a sex offender after admitting that she made advances on a high school swimmer.

41-year-old Emily Feeney will face five years probation and 15 years as a registered sex offender, reports, after admitting she tried to seduce a 16-year-old high school swimmer.

Feeney was arrested on the charges last August.

Feeney kissed the 16-year-old boy in her office and sent him inappropriate sexual photos, text messages and e-mails even after the boy repeatedly told her to stop, according to the report. Among the most troubling pieces of the story, Feeney allegedly pressured the boy to respond to her advances in exchange for her help in getting him onto the swim team at Harvard University. reports that Feeney recommended the swimmer for the team at Harvard, then allegedly wrote to him “You… owe me big time. And no high fives.”

The boy reportedly told Feeney to stop coming on to him, including a message that said “I’m not interested in you end of story I’m 16 I’m not into you.” A statement from the boy read at a court hearing thanked whomever reported the situation to authorities, leading to Feeney’s punishment.

The physical part of the case was limited to just one kiss, according to Feeney’s attorney, but included more than 9,000 text messages, including Feeney begging the boy to talk to her and sending him pictures of her in various states of undress.

Feeney admitted to the impropriety and called her behavior “a huge mistake and unlawful” while apologizing and accepting a plea agreement that will land her five years of probation and 15 on a sex offender registery, as required under Megan’s Law.

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4 years ago

I looked for another way to get this suggestion to the author, but cannot find a way. May I suggest that the college name is removed? While it implies a level of importance, combining HS and college names makes it way too easy to I.D. the victim. All people who have been abused have a right to stay anonymous if they choose. Feel free to delete this comment weather or not the edit is made.

Reply to  cbswims
4 years ago

CBSWIMS – fully agree with you. Sadly enough this young man deserves to have his privacy. Swim Swam should be protecting this victim trying their hardest to protect the identity not cause further stress on the victim. Please allow this young man to have his privacy in a highly sensitive situation.

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