Magnussen Puts Up A 47.73 To Win The 100 Freestyle In Melbourne

Two Olympic silver medalists, Australian James Magnussen and Korean Park Tae Hwan, faced off in the men’s 100 freestyle on the first night of the Victorian State Championships in Melbourne, but it was Magnussen who stole the show. The current world champion took the first 50 meters out in a time of 22.96, almost a full second ahead of Park who turned in a time of 23.86.

Magnussen went on to win the event finishing in a time of 47.73, breaking Fillippo Magnini’s Victoria All-Comers record of 48.43 set back in 2007 (Magnussen is not from Victoria, and therefore can not break the Victorian Record, though his time was faster than that record).

  • Magnussen (Barcelona) – 22.80/24.91 – 47.71
  • Magnussen (Melbourne) – 22.96/24.77 – 47.73

For Magnussen this is the first of two competitions which he is using to prepare for the upcoming BHP Billiton Super Series. If this is his starting point it will be very interesting to see what he can do in Perth at the end of the month.

Park finished second in a time of 49.35 followed by Magnussen’s Super Series teammate Kenneth To who finished third in a time of 49.74.

Earlier in the evening Park and Australian national team member David McKeon battled for the men’s 400 freestyle title. Heading into the final 50 meters Mckeon turned in a time of 3:21.23, only six one-hundredths of a second behind Park, who than kicked it into high gear recording a 26.55 in his final 50 and posting a winning time of 3:47.72.

McKeon eventually finished second in a time of 3:49.71. 17 year old Mack Horton, who will be competing in the upcoming BHP Billiton Super Series, finished third in a time of 3:53.01 just ahead of Daniel Smith who recorded a 3:53.03.

Mitchell Pratt may have missed Travis Nederpelt’s Victorian State record, but the 18 year old erased Nederpelt’s age group record in men’s 200 butterfly. Pratt won the event in a time of 1:56.70 breaking Nederpelt’s Australian age group record for 18 year olds of 1:56.96, which was set in 2004.

Daniel Tranter finished second in a time of 1:57.83.

Magnussen was not the only one to break a Victorian State record on Friday evening, in the women’s 400 IM both Keryn McMaster and Ellen Gandy were well under Holly Brettle‘s 2013 record of 4:44.22. McMaster, who snuck past Gandy in the final 50 meters, won the event in a time of 4:41.21 with Gandy touching in a time of 4:41.41.

16 year old Canadian Emily Overholt finished third in a time of 4:45.18.

The women’s 800 freestyle also saw two competitors swim faster than the state record. Both Jessica Ashwood and 16 year old Remy Fairweather beat Haylee Reddaway‘s 2005 record of 8:34.16. Ashwood won the event easily posting a time of 8:28.38 followed by Fairweather, who touched the wall in a time of 8:34.06.

Laura Crockart finished third in a time of 8:34.97.

World Championships silver medalist Belinda Hocking took the women’s 200 backstroke in a time of 2:07.99. As we have seen many times Hocking had a fierce battle with her Australian national teammate Meagen Nay for the women’s title, out swimming her by two tenths of a second. Nay hit the wall second in a time of 2:08.19.

The women’s 100 breaststroke was another one of the night’s exciting races. Leiston Pickett and 16-year-old Georgia Bohl were only separated by six one-hundredths of a second. Pickett took the event in a time of 1:08.26 while Bohl finished second in a time of 1:08.32.

World champion Camille Lacourt of France, who is currently training with Ian Pope in Melbourne destroyed the field in the 50 backstroke winning in a time of 24.97, close to a second ahead of the next closest competitor Mitch Larkin, who hit the wall in a time of 25.85.

Brittany Elmslie got the best of Alicia Coutts in the women’s 50 butterfly, winning the event in a time of 26.27 with Coutts finishing second in a time of 26.58.

Max Ireland took the men’s 50 breaststroke in a time of 28.49 followed by Kenneth To who posted a time of 28.90.

Sarah Rose (S6) took the women’s multi-class 100 butterfly in a time of 1:34.57.

Rowan Crothers (S9) won the men’s 200 freestyle in a time of 2:02.42 while Monique Beckwith (S15) took the women’s event in a time of 2:20.74.

Matt Levy (S7) took the men’s multi-class 50 breaststroke in a time of 38.26 while Tanya Huebner (S6) won the women’s event in a time of 46.39.

Live Meet Results available here.

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7 years ago

Does anyone know the contact information for his nutritionist? I’d like to start working with him/her ASAP. TY.

7 years ago

Like other swim fans, I am patiently waiting for the results of the women’s 100m freestyle to be updated. It’s a loaded field with the likes of 2012 4x100m freestyle champions Alicia Coutts, Brittany Elmslie and Melanie Schlanger.

7 years ago

Magnussen is not a Victorian so can not claim Vic state record, only All-comers. Mel Schlanger won women’s 100 free in 54.44sec from Elmslie 54.55sec.

7 years ago

Magnussen is from Sydney (New South Wales), how come he can break Victorian state record?

7 years ago

This guy goes sub-48 at will. Impressive.

Reply to  Luigi
7 years ago

I agree.

How many places in the top textiles he owns?

Just incredible.

My 2 cents…
Reply to  aswimfan
7 years ago

also how many Olympic golds he has…none
can’t get it done on the biggest stage. Adrian beats him in the ind. and the relay. in London

Reply to  My 2 cents…
7 years ago

I am not sure what you are trying to say here.

But if you are trying to list swimmers who broke multiple WRs, won multiple individual olympics and worlds medals but never olympics individual gold, let me help you:
Gary Hall SR., Franziska van Almsick, Jenny Thompson, Dara Torres, Cynthia Woodhead, Shirley Babashoff, Katie Hoff, Michael Klim.

And you know who else has won olympics gold in 100 free but never won (LCM) worlds ?
Alain Bernard, Carrie Steinseifer, Zhuang Yong.

7 years ago

Austin heat sheet posted for Friday

No Schmitt in 400
Men’s 400 looks fast
Women’s 100 free looks fast
Friis vs Ledecky in W400free
Sogar and Lawerence in W200 breast
M100 free. Adrian- will he respond to Magnusson

Joel Lin
7 years ago

Did Matt Target retire?

7 years ago


Very very impressive. Of course with Magnessen the issue appears not to be swimming fast times but doing those times at the right times, especially when Adrian is nearby. He had many performances last year faster than his world-champs time.

Aside from that, it was a good swim for Park Tae-Hwan. 49 mid-low isn’t too far off is his Asian Games record of 48.70. I think swimming pretty quick in season bodes well for his 200 in the summer.

Reply to  mcgillrocks
7 years ago

I agree.

I think Magnussen is spooked by Adrian, and I don’t think he likes to swim next to a swimmer who goes out superfast.

His swimming slow in the semi of Barcelona might have even been planned to get away from the middle lane, and thus away from Adrian. If it was the case, it was an extremely risky thing and required extreme steel nerves.

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